JULIET JULIET Madam, I am here. Go, boy. JULIET Otherwise, you’d see me blushing about the 85 Thou know’st the mask of night is on my face, things you’ve heard me say tonight. Serious Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms! %PDF-1.5 ROMEO ROMEO Where? FRIAR LAWRENCE.....Franciscan who marries ROMEO & JULIET FRIAR JOHN.....Carries message for FRIAR LAWRENCE APOTHECARY .....Sells poison to ROMEO CITIZENS, SERVANTS, MUSICIANS, GUARDS, etc. Or if not so, then here I hit it right: Our Romeo hath not been in bed tonight. Why, then is my pump well flowered. (aside to GREGORY) Is the law on our side if I GREGORY say yes?45 Do you quarrel, sir? For, by your leaves, you shall not stay alone Till holy church incorporate two in one. MERCUTIO MERCUTIO I’ll conjure him as if I were summoning a spirit. I anger her sometimes who would be happy to claim her as his own.and tell her that Paris is the properer man. She won’t listen to words of love, or let Nor ope her lap to saint-seducing gold. a feast. love, you get an ocean made out of lovers' tears. into a fight. She’s not even10 Let two more summers wither in their pride fourteen years old. SAMPSON 'Tis true, and therefore women, being the weaker SAMPSON vessels, are ever thrust to the wall. Come, shall we go? Younger than you from noble families—who have already become Here in Verona, ladies of esteem mothers. GREGORY To move is to stir, and to be valiant is to stand. to bed tonight. In herbs, plants, stones, and their true qualities. He’s waiting for you to keep him company on the Either thou or I, or both, must go with him. ROMEO enters. Nay, I am the very pink of courtesy. ROMEO I wish I was your bird. I won’t move to please anybody. He’s hidden behind these trees to keep the night company. What is your will? 20 Susan and she—God rest all Christian souls!— Well, Susan died and is with God. My invocation Is fair and honest. daughter is still very young. Now he’ll sit Now will he sit under a medlar tree under a medlar tree and wish his mistress were35 And wish his mistress were that kind of fruit one of those fruits that look like female genitalia. The orchard walls are high, and it’s And the place death, considering who thou art, hard to climb over them. (they whisper in Is it e'en so? Hist! FRIAR LAWRENCE FRIAR LAWRENCE That’s good, my boy. ROMEO Good man, why are you crying? Please be quiet. MERCUTIO More than Prince of Cats. Let it go. (he draws his sword) ROMEO50 Gentle Mercutio, put thy rapier up. things are the most fun is the best time to leave. TYBALT TYBALT Mercutio, thou consort’st with Romeo. “For himself to ruin,” NURSE he says. talking nonsense. (bites his thumb) SAMPSON You mean however they dare. To supper? Goodbye, cousin. What? That’s foolish. Cheerly, boys. friend Venus. more faithful than girls who act coy and play I should have been more strange, I must confess, hard-to-get. What, lamb! BENVOLIO 175 At thy good heart’s oppression. I will go along. O flesh, flesh,how art thou fishified! absolution. can’t expect women to be faithful when men are And art thou changed? Where is my page?—Go, villain, fetch a surgeon. PARIS Of honorable reckoning are you both. me, he’s gentle as a lamb. “Your love says, like an honest gentleman, “Your love says, like an honorable gentleman, 'Where is your mother? It will be your fault, you’ll be the rabble-rouser! ROMEO ROMEO Good morrow, Father. The Earth is nature’s mother and also With baleful weeds and precious-juicèd flowers. ROMEO Alas, one angry look from you would be worse JULIET than twenty of your relatives with swords. It’s the sweetest sound a lover ever hears.Act 2, Scene 2, Page 8 JULIET Romeo! Thou canst not teach me to forget. And yet you’re the one who wants to teach me about restraint!Act 3, Scene 1, Page 2 BENVOLIO BENVOLIO10 An I were so apt to quarrel as thou art, any man If I were in the habit of fighting the way you are, my life insurance rates would be sky high. If you listen to us patiently, we’ll make Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage— up for everything we’ve left out in this prologue The which, if you with patient ears attend, onstage. But it’s Exit MERCUTIO'S PAGE enough. (to the MONTAGUES) Good something. In the name of all of these By her high forehead and her scarlet lip, things, I command you to appear before us in By her fine foot, straight leg, and quivering thigh, your true form.20 And the demesnes that there adjacent lie, That in thy likeness thou appear to us.Act 2, Scene 1, Page 2 BENVOLIO If he hears you, you’ll make him angry. But let Your lady’s love against some other maid your eyes compare her to another beautiful100 That I will show you shining at the feast, woman who I’ll show you at this feast, and you And she shall scant show well that now shows best. Which way ran he that killed Mercutio?100 Tybalt, that murderer, which way ran he? Hence, be gone, away! She hath Dian’s wit. ROMEO ROMEO Pardon, good Mercutio, my business was great, and Excuse me, good Mercutio. Then have my lips the sin that they have took. He’s been a white wench’s black eye, shot through the ear with stabbed by a white girl’s black eye. And there is nothing that does not turn Nor aught so good but, strained from that fair use bad if it’s put to the wrong use and abused. Oh, it is my love. ROMEO ROMEO Ay me! Wisely and slow. But else, not for the world. Madam, I had a lot on my mind an hour before Right glad I am he was not at this fray. She and Susan—God rest her and all Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen. You both have honorable reputations, and it’s too But now, my lord, what say you to my suit? What eye but such an man who’s cracking nuts just because you haveeye would spy out such a quarrel? price to pay! making a cloudy day cloudier with his sighs. TYBALT MERCUTIO Follow me close, for I will speak to them. there’s my lady! ROMEO ROMEO What should I swear by? By my count, at just about your age, while you remain a virgin. and a new desire is eager to take their place. 35 Come Pentecost as quickly as it will, Some five and twenty years, and then we masked. No, good goose, don’t bite me. No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -26- Original Text Modern Text Blind is his love and best befits the dark. for a sword? indeed, to occupy the argument no longer. Tybalt and Mercutio 120 Of Tybalt deaf to peace, but that he tilts began to fight each other fiercely, lunging at one With piercing steel at bold Mercutio’s breast, another and dodging each other’s blows. Tonight I’m Lies my consent and fair according voice. stain their hands with the blood of their fellow5 From forth the fatal loins of these two foes citizens. Torments him so, that he will sure run mad. O my brother’s child! endobj His love is blind, so it belongs BENVOLIO 30 Come, he hath hid himself among these trees, To be consorted with the humorous night. ROMEO ROMEO (to himself) Is she a Capulet? No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -47- Original Text Modern Text BENVOLIO out!” We talk here in the public haunt of men. I sent the Nurse at nine o'clock. nephew. I NURSE protest unto thee— You have a good heart, and believe me, I’ll tell her that. Romeo say? What a man are you? Technically speaking, Shakespeare's original text for Romeo and Juliet is written in modern English. brightly through space that birds would start Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand singing, thinking her light was the light of day.25 That I might touch that cheek! It’s a scratch, just a scratch. you were in love without really knowing what love But come, young waverer, come, go with me, means. What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, So stumblest on my counsel?Act 2, Scene 2, Page 3 ROMEO I don’t know how to tell you who I am by telling ROMEO you a name. the—You won’t tolerate him! Virtual Performance. JULIET You can’t see my face because it’s dark out. bounce her back to me. 8 0 obj Well then, saint, let lips do what hands do. This open Romeo, good night. NURSE (to ROMEO) If you’re the Romeo I’m looking for, NURSE sir, I would like to have a confidence with you. It fits when such a villain is a guest. Mercutio, be quiet. Romeo! No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -19- Original Text Modern TextAct 1, Scene 4, Page 5 BENVOLIO BENVOLIO105 This wind you talk of, blows us from ourselves. BENVOLIO BENVOLIO155 In love? already told her to come. You know not Well, you have made a foolish choice. The hurt cannot be much. else would she be? MERCUTIO That’s as much as to say, such a case as yours MERCUTIO constrains a man to bow in the hams. Just cry out, “Ah me!” Just say “love” Appear thou in the likeness of a sigh! Come, we burn daylight, ho! outshines the other women like a white dove in The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand, the middle of a flock of crows. a smile on your face. BENVOLIO My noble uncle, do you know why he acts this MONTAGUE way? Come on, what did Romeo say? BENVOLIO MERCUTIO Oh great, here come the Capulets. heard the saying, “Two can conspire to put one away”?ROMEOWarrant thee, my man’s as true as steel. ROMEO JULIET I would be satisfied if we made each other true I gave thee mine before thou didst request it, promises of love. Anyone who can count how much he has is poor. The Shakescleare version of Romeo and Juliet contains the complete original play alongisde a line-by-line modern English translation. They fight. Make it a word and Could you not take some occasion without giving? she? No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -25- Original Text Modern Text gives them the chance to meet, sweetening the extreme danger with intense pleasure. 'Tis gone, ’tis gone, ’tis gone.— gentlemen. JS�j�i�ƍ���9�x�\? SAMPSON (to ABRAM) No, sir, I’m not biting my thumb at you, but I am biting my thumb. I cannot sum up sum of half my wealth. My ears have not yet drunk a hundred words Of that tongue’s uttering, yet I know the sound. What do you want? That is the key to long-lasting love. I have seen the day refuse to dance now? CAPULET LADY CAPULET My sword, I say! Lest that thy love prove likewise variable. Stay but a little. But whoever’s in charge of where my110 With this night’s revels, and expire the term life’s going can steer me wherever they want. Read every line of Shakespeare’s original text alongside a modern English translation. This man is single, and he lacks only a This precious book of love, this unbound lover, bride to make him perfect and complete. I have forgot why I did call thee back. I’m done for in this world, I believe. A braggart, a rogue, a villain No, it’s not as deep as a well, or as wide as a that fights by the book of arithmetic! I bet he slipped away and went And, on my life, hath stol'n him home to bed. find those persons whose names are here writ, and can never find what names the writing person hath BENVOLIO and ROMEO enter here writ. Who is her mother? otherCAPULETS TYBALT, PETRUCHIO, and the MERCUTIO otherCAPULETS exit. JULIET 180 And yet no further than a wanton’s bird, It’s almost morning. You know how young my daughter is. BENVOLIO BENVOLIO Romeo will answer the challenge. BENVOLIO Am I like such a fellow? NURSE NURSE What a man, young lady. What, ladybird! LADY CAPULET LADY CAPULET This is the matter.—Nurse, give leave awhile, I’ll tell you what’s the matter—Nurse, leave us We must talk in secret.—Nurse, come back again. Evertything nature creates has None but for some and yet all different. A Virtual Performance is a performance on an online web conferencing platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Google Meets where performers are geographically isolated from one another and not together on a stage. with your lives. Is the news good or 35 Is thy news good, or bad? That’s an insult, and if they let me get Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? And you among the store, list. I know not how to tell thee who I am. MERCUTIO MERCUTIO She’s not a prostitute unless she’s using her No hare, sir, unless a hare, sir, in a Lenten pie—that ugliness to hide her promiscuity. Gentlemen, stop Hold, Tybalt! I’ll thou make minstrels of us, look to hear nothing but use it to make you dance. That’s what I want, and if you respect I would not for the wealth of all the town my wishes, you’ll look nice and stop frowning Here in my house do him disparagement. Nay, as they dare. When I have who work for them. In shape no bigger than an agate stone The spokes of her wagon are made of spiders' On the forefinger of an alderman, Drawn with a team of little atomi Over men’s noses as they lie asleep. thousand years, I’ll never forget it. There is nothing on Earth that is so evil that it For naught so vile that on the earth doth live does not provide the earth with some special But to the earth some special good doth give. BENVOLIO BENVOLIO Of love? business to take care of. good looks. Nay, good goose, bite not. Down with the Capulets! Whichever of you20 That I have worn a visor and could tell acts shy, I’ll swear she has corns. What He shall be endured. The heads of the maids? I’ve invited many of my closest friends, and Whereto I have invited many a guest I’d like to welcome you and add you to the guest Such as I love. Leave me alone for a minute. Romeo and Juliet - Full Text - Plain English and Original was published by hall on 2017-07-12. else, if you won’t change your name, just swear Deny thy father and refuse thy name. FRIAR LAWRENCE FRIAR LAWRENCE May God forgive you if you’ve sinned!—Were you God pardon sin! I am no villain. Or shall we on without apology? With sleeping in the sun. here comes two of the house of the Montagues. I have forgotten why I called you I will not fail. Gregory, on my word, we’ll not carry coals. But, uncle, we’re being disrespected. 75 I’ll not endure him. MERCUTIO MERCUTIO I bet it’s a challenge. ROMEO What do you have to say, my dear Nurse? me. Her vestal livery is but sick and green, Don’t be her maid, because she is jealous. eyes were in the night sky, they would shine so See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. CAPULETS' COUSIN By'r Lady, thirty years. They have made worms' meat of me. Well, do what you want. Oh my, time goes by slowly when you’re sad. MERCUTIO MERCUTIO Any man who knows how to write can answer a10 Any man that can write may answer a letter. A pimp! endobj Have a nice Mercutio and his brother Valentine; day. There was To see it tetchy and fall out with the dug! A If love be rough with you, be rough with love. So please you, step aside. Forget JULIET about your father and change your name. NURSE (offstage) Madam! ROMEO I will follow you.Act 2, Scene 4, Page 8 MERCUTIO MERCUTIO Farewell, ancient lady. It would be good for you to hearCommend me to thy lady. NURSE NURSE Sweet Jesus, you’re in such a hurry! (SAMPSONbites his thumb) I do bite my thumb, sir. swear, it’s getting late. Good night, good night. You encourage crime with your sweetness. Then the Of my dug and felt it bitter, pretty fool, dovehouse shook with the earthquake. the goose, proves thee far and wide a broad goose. MONTAGUE BENVOLIO Both by myself and many other friends. ROMEO ROMEO Can I go forward when my heart is here? j��}sp��؀ܪ@�h�*�;\ 5+`��w�x ����Z�e��(�/Akff�M{���n/�w4���� No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -2- Original Text Modern TextAct 1, Scene 1, Page 2 GREGORY GREGORY That shows thee a weak slave, for the weakest goes That means you’re the weak one, because to the wall. MERCUTIO Can’t you find a reason without my giving you one? stopped crying and said, “Yes.” Thou wilt fall backward when thou comest to age. MERCUTIO MERCUTIO You gave us the slip, sir, the slip. carries a knife. decision. Your head is as full of fights as anhath been beaten as addle as an egg for quarreling. JULIET NURSE It is an honor that I dream not of. you love me? You and I are too old to dance. JULIET No, no. Take my advice. BENVOLIO Why, what is Tybalt? should be satisfied with what I say. He knows how to turn any argument into a swordfight. CAPULET Why, how now, kinsman? 3. I know you’ll say “yes,” and I’ll Fain would I dwell on form. They meet ROMEO, BENVOLIO,MERCUTIO. To seek him here that means not to be found. Boy, do I have some memory! Go to the church. JULIET moves away JULIET moves away ROMEO ROMEO What is her mother? Give me a torch. NURSE80 Nay, he’s a flower. I should have been more But that thou overheard’st, ere I was 'ware, standoffish, I confess, but you overheard me My true love’s passion. Haven’t you ever “Two may keep counsel, putting one away”? ROMEO I’ll follow after you. FRIAR LAWRENCE The gray-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night, FRIAR LAWRENCE Checkering the eastern clouds with streaks of light, The smiling morning is replacing the frowning And fleckled darkness like a drunkard reels night. good for me. One desperate grief cures with another’s languish. No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -27- Original Text Modern Text ROMEO ROMEO (aside) She speaks. Either put away Or manage it to part these men with me. Enter BENVOLIO BENVOLIO enters. But old folks, many feign as they were dead, Unwieldy, slow, heavy, and pale as lead. Love looks like a nice thing, but it’s160 Should be so tyrannous and rough in proof! Enter NURSE and PETER Oh my God, here she comes! It was so important that I had to forget about courtesy and good manners. Have you given up so quickly on Rosaline, whom you Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear, loved so much? Yet tell me not, for I have heard it all. That fair for which love groaned for and would die Romeo groaned for the beautiful Rosaline and With tender Juliet matched, is now not fair. She stopped nursing from 25 'Tis since the earthquake now eleven years, my breast on that very day. ABRAM Start a fight? It is read! Parting is Sweet, so would I. such sweet sorrow that I’ll say good night until tonight becomes tomorrow. Oh, that she were you a Popperin pear to “pop her in.” Good night, An open arse, and thou a poperin pear. MERCUTIO ROMEO Thou hast most kindly hit it. I recognize the sound of your voice. Tybalt, that murderer, which way did he run? My She could have run and waddled all about, 40 For even the day before, she broke her brow. He says more in one minute than and will speak more in a minute than he will stand to he does in a whole month. MERCUTIO Why, may one ask? Holy Saint Francis, this is a drastic change! Enter ABRAM and another SERVINGMAN SAMPSON They’ll feel me as long as I can keep an erection. He was my brother’s LADY CAPULET son! And so, good Capulet—which name I tender As dearly as my own—be satisfied. The ladies who Will now deny to dance? PETER PETER, No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -12- Original Text Modern Text To our house. No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (by SparkNotes) -20- Original Text Modern Text CAPULET and other guests and MASKERS Welcome, gentlemen! MERCUTIO MERCUTIO Yes, I am the pink flower—the master, of courtesy and manners. Tybalt is lying over there. Let’s beat down their weapons. ROMEO O, teach me how I should forget to think! CAPULET My child is yet a stranger in the world. What she over. get there too late. hope you enjoy the same sweet peace and rest I feel in my heart. If she agrees to marry you, my blessing An she agreed within her scope of choice, and fair words will confirm her choice. Shakespeare did not invent the story of Romeo and Juliet. Look how she leans her hand on her cheek. If she was young and passionate, she’d Is three long hours, yet she is not come. Yes, boy, I’m ready. showed up with his sword ready. fools hold on to their virginity. Prince. I’m talking about dreams, which are the MERCUTIO products of a brain that’s doing nothing. (draws his sword)Tybalt, you rat- 45 Alla stoccata carries it away. I’m ready. Romeo and Juliet: Act 5, Scene 1 Translation. NURSE(to ROMEO) Pray you, sir, a word. We won’t take their garbage. What does the image of civil blood mean to you? You have to You must contrary me. She rides 55 She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes around in a wagon drawn by tiny little atoms, and she rides over men’s noses as they lie sleeping. And none but fools do wear it. turn the hatred between your families into pure love. PETER PETER Perhaps you’ve learned from life and not from Ye say honestly. We learn from Benvolio that the Montagues have received a threatening note from Tybalt, directed at Romeo. flower bud in the summer air, may turn out to be Good night, good night! Gentlemen, can any of you tell me where I may ROMEO find the young Romeo? In truth, handsome Montague, I like I’ll frown and be perverse and say thee nay, you too much, so you may think my behavior is So thou wilt woo. But as soon as the sun rises in the east, my sad son MONTAGUE comes home to escape the light. ROMEO They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair. BENVOLIO At this same ancient feast of Capulet’s BENVOLIO85 Sups the fair Rosaline whom thou so loves The beautiful Rosaline whom you love so much With all the admired beauties of Verona.

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