But wait! “It’s rounded, with a friendly charm and feels trusting. We were able to obtain highly reliable data from this evaluation process that was pharmaceutical grade,” said Mr. Hinokitani. His name was Hirotaka Takeuchi. Through the research institute's publishing outlet, she has also authored a book detailing the history and design of silver hand mirrors during the Art Deco period. 3.5 4 reviews. Basically they flat-out rejected it.”, (Monochrome designs used for initial presentation). But when collagen and elastin synthesis increase, it can be assumed that wrinkles are ameliorated,” said Mr. Takeuchi. “I thought, 'Wait, if NEI-L1 is in that form, maybe we can stabilize it.”. From these results, one can assume that most people there protect their skin from the sun. “Drugs, plant extracts, microorganism metabolites, we checked all sorts of ingredients. Even in that, there are no comments on wrinkles,” said Ms. Tomizawa. POLA is now available in Singapore at Ngee Ann City,Takashimaya Department Store, Level 1. $185.00. Share. Free shipping . “The other source of inspiration was discovery,“ said Mr. Watanabe. The more we heard of the story, the more daunting it seemed. Facial fillers are substances that temporarily soften wrinkles when injected into your skin. Trial Size (0.2gx10pcs) / 20g. Case studies show that 70% of users who continued use of Pola Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum for 3 months reported less wrinkles. One interesting result is the “Nippon Beautiful Skin Prefectural Grand Prix,” which began in 2014. Ms. Tomizawa continued on to tell us about a special edition of the women's magazine, “Fujin Sekai.” This beauty advice booklet was entitled “Keshou Kagami,” which means “makeup mirror.” This one took us all the way back to 1907. Photo/Saito Daichi Interview・Text/Namiko Uno ※Our pages are translations of articles published on Japan's @cosme. “Around the Golden Week holidays of 2016, we started hearing some internal talk of NEI-L1 being approved. Yuushi Watanabe Chief Designer, Design Laboratory. “Within the body, we are constantly repeating the cycle of breaking down and synthesizing collagen and elastin fibers. As part of POLA's historical research, they have collected a huge variety of data on the skin, which has led to some unique insights. ・Apply it twice a day. And if we were going to do this, we thought we should develop something the world had never seen before: a quasi-drug verified anti-wrinkle serum,” said Mr. Takeuchi. Qty. Flower parties, evening parties, and traveling abroad. If the product is approved as a quasi-drug by the ministry, the manufacturer is allowed to actually claim the effectiveness of the product. Everyone probably wants to know what they can do about their fine lines, right? The procedure takes up to an hour. “According to 'Fashions in Makeup: From Ancient to Modern Times' by R. Corson, a method existed to blend perfume, wax, olive oil, and sedge with milk and apply to the skin for six days,” said Ms. Tomizawa. “It was really daunting work,” said Mr. Takeuchi. “The rest of the company might like the design, but how the customers respond to it is another story. Overall, I have really enjoyed using POLA’s products over the past weeks, and my skin seems to take well to them. With no other active ingredients, the formula is extremely simple. As of 2018, this fan-favorite has grown into a bestseller and the price has been lowered by 10%, now available for ¥13,500 without tax. ”POLA-Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum”. 3,145.00 THB. Next up, we get a crash-course in how POLA brought their long-awaited, newly approved product to market! POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture Library.). In the second half of the Meiji period, awareness of wrinkles began to spread. We all have to live a little! (Left: “Oubei Saishin Biyouhou” or “Latest Western Beauty Techniques” 1908. This distinction has quite an i… By the end of the Meiji period, the new trend was massage. Mild inflammation occurs in the areas around wrinkles, and we realized that neutrophils accumulated in those areas,” said Mr. Takeuchi. With a long-term research in wrinkles, Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum is clinically proven to help fade the look of deep wrinkles, including forehead & cheek wrinkles, smooth fine lines & Japan's very first beauty product that has approved as a quasi-drug that safely and effectively improves the appearance of wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle Pola serum from Japan works with a special protein structure called neutrophil elastase. Compared to mainstream retinol-based anti-wrinkle products, I found POLA’s Wrinkle Shot to be much gentler and less irritating on my skin. When they stopped for lunch on the way home, something happened that changed the fate of NEI-L1 and Wrinkle Shot forever. Of course, water is an inherent part of most skin care formulas. “I was traveling over New Year’s holidays, but when I got on the train home from the airport, the station and the train were covered in Wrinkle Shot's theme colors. Over the course of three years, they collected a variety of data showing the improvement of wrinkles. “We didn’t get the best reactions. Try the Pola facial cream variants like the Pola Wrinkle Shot or the Polar White Shot that is a divinely luxuriant treatment for the skin and make it firm and resilient. Thankfully they tell us how to fight those lines. We were more in disbelief than excitement,” said Mr. Hinokitani. I gave up my New Year's holiday, from morning to night. Right: “Ronri to Jissai Biyou” or “Theory and Fact: Beauty” 1929. Pics of : Pola Makeup Reviews How did it go? Free shipping . In contrast, wrinkles have practically been ignored. Once NEI-L1 received approval, the product release was set in stone. It is difficult to rave too much about a cleanser, but POLA’s B.A. Imagine something like a game of Snakes and Ladders with a theme of the year's most fashionable destinations and hottest makeup looks. 4.0 /5. AU $92.56 1 bid. When a right-handed person signs their signature, it slants slightly to the right. From the moment NEI-L1 was approved, POLA hit the ground running. It uses NEI-L1, an ingredient created by the company. In Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare classifies the beauty products under 2 categories: cosmetics and quasi-drugs. “First, it instructs you to boil wild boar's hoof, or what could be pig's hoof today, then apply the thickened extract to the skin. $105.99. Her main area of research is modern cosmetics culture. Experience suppler and firmer skin with this product. According to the data on their website, the wrinkles improved from a grade 3.50 to 3.25. $89.88. While Mr. Takeuchi was busy in Yamagata, the research center had been carrying out research into compounds that could act on the mechanism of neutrophil elastase. Defenage Bio Serum 1.0 fl oz Intense Defense Anti-Aging and Repair Serum. In addition, deep wrinkles saw an improvement from a grade 5.75 to 4.75. This is Toshihiro Hinokitani, who helped complete the NEI-L1 formulation while finalizing the product. After 15 years of passion and devotion, the creators of Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum can finally enjoy the fruits of their labor. Duty Free Duty Free shopping provides international travellers an opportunity to buy more but pay less on a wide variety of products. Favorites; Reviews; Brands; Boards; Mail. “We were receiving fewer and fewer questions from the government, so we had a feeling that maybe, just maybe, this was it. “, They both agree that the last 15 years took too too long, but they agree that when they saw the quasi-drug certificate of approval, it finally hit home. From the end of the Meiji period to the beginning of the Showa period in the 1920s, books detailing massage techniques began to appear. On the other hand, it also explains that “wrinkles are the result of overusing the facial muscles.”. Each of its products have been refined over almost 100 years of experience, based on 18 million real skin data, to address skin aging at its root causes. “Around 1000 BC, there were already anti-wrinkle cosmetics in ancient Egypt,” she told us. Her work helps translate the allure of POLA to print, web, and other media. New POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g Anti-Aging Cream From Japan Fast Ship XL. Towards the end of this tough two-year period, Mr. Takeuchi finally succeeded in capturing images of neutrophils in the skin using an electron microscope. But behind the sensation it stirred in the beauty world, this anti-wrinkle serum owes its creation to blood, sweat and tears. We used orange as the key color for both the logo and the outer box,” said Mr. Watanabe. January issue supplement, “Gendai Ryuukou Sugoroku.” POLA Cultural Research Institute Library.). 9201 West Sunset Blvd. “Our guess was confirmed,” said Mr. Takeuchi. price range. Mr. Hinokitani was feeling more than a little blue as he headed back to the train station. Departure. I … In the research department, we were focusing on making a product that was truly effective and show results. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mr. Watanabe's team was entrusted with that crucial task. The whole company was searching for ‘what is actually valuable to the world’. It gives a luxurious foam with a soft relaxing scent, cleanses well and does not strip my dry skin. Beverly Hills Profiles' approach to injecting wrinkle fillers results in less bruising and better results. Wrinkle Shot works by inhibiting a naturally occurring Neutrophile Elastace which is responsible for wrinkle formation. I still have the clipping to this day,” said Mr. Takeuchi. It's also notable that their lifestyle scores were very good in terms of their low stress levels and good sleeping habits,” said Ms. Kono. Make-up Products The Make B.A Creamy Foundation The Make B.A Day Advance Serum Extra S 23. I can't even describe how it felt. Mr. Takeuchi recalled, “It snuck up on me. More reviews, photos and discussions for POLA. Injection of a facial filler is generally an outpatient procedure that's done under local anesthesia. B.A. “Around the middle of the Meiji period, several beauticians began publicizing their unique beauty regimens, producing their own cosmetics, and opening their own beauty salons,” said Ms. Tomizawa.

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