You can specify the page you want to post to using the PostBackURL attribute. Frequent Garbage Collection happens in this Generation. Answer: Ans. CLR header- Contains information about CLR & memory management. Boxing and Unboxing is a concept of C#, which enables a unified view of the type system to treat the value of any type as an object. Life Cycle Events PreInit The properties like IsPostBack have been set at this time. Ans. The .Net framework applications are multi-platform applications. Ans. Marshaling is the process of transforming types in the managed and unmanaged code. option strict keyword is used and it ensures compile-time notification of these types of conversions. Ans. It is also known as Method Hiding. Globalization is designing and coding culture-neutral and language-neutral applications. If you're looking for .Net Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. Copyright © 2020 Mindmajix Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved, Frequently Asked .Net Interview Questions - [Updated 2020]. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. It means that the same method or property can perform different actions depending on the run-time type of the instance that invokes it. Encapsulation: Creation of self-contained modules that bind together the data and the functions that access that data. This is the most common VB.NET Interview Questions which is asked in an interview. Native image section- Contains sections like .data, .rdata, .rsrc, .text etc. i. We make learning - easy, affordable, and value generating. Q46. Below is the list of  Top VB.NET Interview Questions that are asked in an interview. Ans. It is easy to use and offers full control over the HTML. Econo JIT Compiler: The methods required only at run-time are compiled using this compiler and they are not stored for future use. It is Modern and general-purpose language. Visual Basic (VB.NET) is an object-oriented computer programming language implemented on the .NET Framework. Custom control is designed for use by a single application while user control can be used by more than one application. Ans. Ans. OOP is the acronym for Object-Oriented Programming. MVC is an architectural model for building the .Net applications. While, server-side validations take place at the server end using ASP.Net and PHP, and the feedback is sent through a dynamically generated new webpage. Ans. Q23. The Global Assembly Cache is a machine-wide code cache that is stored in a folder in the Windows directory. Ans. Keys are referred to as indexes and a quick search can be performed for values by searching through the keys. Overriding allows you to rewrite a base class function with a different definition and achieve polymorphism. ii. Garbage collection is also known as automatic memory management, which is used for automatic recycling of dynamically allocated memory. Differentiate between Task and Thread in .NET. It can extend its interface and add new methods without affecting the client's operations. It helps improve performance by making data available, even if the data source is temporarily unavailable and enhances scalability. Here we have discussed top 10 VB.NET interview questions with detailed answers that are most often asked in interviews. at the application deployment time. and user-defined types, events, and even assemblies. Q72. Latest and authentic Interview questions. OOP allows .NET developers to create modular programs and classes containing methods, properties, fields, events, and other logical modules. Ans. These top questions are divided into two parts which are as follows: This first part covers basic VB.NET Interview Questions and Answers. VB.NET is used to develop Windows applications, Web applications, Web services. Ans. So, the operation of a string builder is faster and efficient than the string class. The Response.Redirect method requests a new URL and specifies the new URL. Dear Readers, Welcome to HR Interview questions with answers and examples for Experienced.These 25 solved HR Interview questions will help you prepare for the HR Round conducted during the job interviews for professionals. Ans. The memory heap is divided into three generations. To help, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet of 16 essential .NET developer interview questions with background and sample answers, as well as a few other tips to assist in making your search more successful. It is a reference type that contains only abstract members such as Events, Methods, Properties, etc. This forms a single binary component and it is visible throughout the assembly. Ans. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. … Ans. VB is platform dependent, backward compatible, exception Handling by ‘On Error…..Goto’, Interpreted, Cannot develop multi-threaded applications. An interface is a declaration for a set of class members. Ans. Ans. .Net uses the SOLID design principle which includes the following: Ans. Q53. Copy Constructor- It creates an object by copying variables from another object. What is the difference between Stack and Queue? Ans. Q77. It comprises classes, interface, and value types. CLR data- Contains metadata of DDLs and MSIL code generated by compilers. It will depend on employer, as each has a slightly different approach, but there are some common themes. Are you looking to begin a career in Dot Net Framework?Or want to switch to another organization as a Dot Net Framework developer? Ans. Deserialization converts a stream into an object and is the opposite of serialization. The Hashtable class is a collection that stores key-value pairs. Ans. Following are some of the components and advantages of a the.Net framework: Start Your Free Software Development Course, Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For VB.Net. Ans. Types in .NET Framework are either Value Type or Reference Type. Multi-threading is a process that contains multiple threads each of which performs different activities within a single process. Ans. These questions and answers do not represent any organization, school, or company on our site. In case of invalid data entry the error message attached to the error description string is displayed next to the control. What is the difference between trace class and debug class? .NET supports multithreading in two ways: i. What is the difference between Stack and Heap? Ans. The classes in the System.Reflection namespace gives access to the metadata of a running program. Q66. It facilitates the exchange of data files on the internet and was proposed by Bell Communications in 1991. Q35. The Diamond Problem arises when class B or C has overridden the method differently and D cannot decide to inherit from either B or C. Ans. It supports Delegates and Events Management. iii. Caching functionality in .NET Framework allows data storage in memory for rapid access. What is managed and unmanaged codes? Ans. The NotInheritable keyword can be used in VB.NET to prevent accidental inheritance of the class. Q32. Top 10 Interview Questions and Best Answers . Ans. In VB.Net Optional Parameters are accepted, not case sensitive, nothing is used to release unmanaged resources, support of both structured and unstructured error handling. Garbage Collection in .NET Framework facilitates automatic memory management. Also, it would add complexity when used in different languages. Q27. Generation 0 – Used to store short-lived objects. What is the difference between dataset.clone and dataset.copy? It is stateless and firewall-friendly. .NET is an OOP framework as Encapsulation and Inheritance are key features of the Object-Oriented Programming framework. Q18. Managed code runs inside CLR and installing the .NET Framework is necessary to execute it. T OP 50 ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions with Answers. What is life cycle ? You can choose to Abort() or Suspend() or Resume() a thread, and set thread-level properties, like the stack size, apartment state, or culture. The size of .string cannot be changed, but that of .stringbuilder can be changed. Do we have multiple inheritance in .NET? .NET is a developer platform to build a variety of applications for web, mobile, desktop, and IoT. Ans. It is a compiler in CLR responsible for the execution of .NET programs of different languages by converting them into machine code. Windows executable, .EXE or DLL files follow the PE file format. An assembly is one of the elements of a .NET application and is termed as a primary unit of all .NET applications. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. There are two types of Polymorphism: Ans. Strong Name has solved the problem of creating a different object with the same name and it can be assigned with the help of Sn.exe. A new keyword is used with the constructor in which it can be used as a modifier or an operator. .NET is an open-source platform containing around 32 programming languages and several tools for application creation. Ans. The Server.Transfer method terminates the execution of the current page and starts the execution of a new page. They contain debugging symbols, but the code built-in "Release" mode is optimized for speed or size without any debug data. Ravindra Savaram is a Content Lead at Let's have a look into them. In a DLL file. Top 40 Most Asked MVC Interview Questions and Answers. Interview questions for 4+ years experience on .net could any one let me know what all concepts to be prepared for 4+ years experience on .net including c. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: SQL ServerPage, CoCreateInstance, Deterministic, Destructor, and ASP.NET. Are you good at Advanced Dot Net topics? Generation 1 – Used for medium-lived objects. ii. Implementation inheritance is when a class inherits all members of the class from which it is derived. What are the differences between system.stringbuilder and system.string? The jagged array is an array of arrays. A namespace is an organized way of representing Class, Structures, and interfaces present in the .NET language. It is simple to build and supported by a variety of platforms. Tuples are data structures that hold object properties and contain a sequence of elements of different data types. A Component does not draw itself on the form and can be placed below the form area. Parameterized Constructor- It has one parameter. It is highly secure and runs comfortably on multiple computer platforms. What are client-side and server-side validations in Web pages? There are three types of JIT and they are: Let us move to the next VB.NET Interview Questions. Answer: 547 records found. Ans. Post | Interview Experiences | Interview FAQs | Online Interviews | Exclusive Questions. Explain OOP and its relation to the .NET Framework? This has been a guide to List Of VB.NET Interview Questions. Interview was scheduled for 3-6 year experienced … Ans. THE CERTIFICATION NAMES ARE THE TRADEMARKS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. What are globalization and localization? What is the difference between shadowing and overriding? By providing us with your details, We wont spam your inbox. Q21. Q13. The call to Debug class is included in Debug mode only and it is used at the time of application development. Ans. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in .Net Analytics. What is the difference between Stack and Queue? 10 most popular Maven Interview Questions & Answers 10 most frequently asked SAS Interview Questions Top 8 C# Interview Questions and Answers for experience professionals What are functional and nonfunctional requirements? Find answers to Interview questions for 7+ years exp in .NET from the expert community at Experts Exchange What is implementation inheritance and interface inheritance? If you don't know the answer, please say "I don't know". Ans. Set theme dynamically. A constructor is a special method of the class that contains a collection of instructions and gets automatically invoked when an instance of the class is created. Polymorphism: Operation performed depends upon the context at runtime to facilitate easy integration. What are the most important aspects of .NET? 3. I have recently been through the interview process myself so the follow is from my experience as a .Net developer. PE/COFF headers- Contains information regarding .EXE or DLL file. 1) What is ASP.NET MVC? Special permission from the original type or re-compiling it isn’t required. Q56. You may also look at the following SEO articles to learn more –, VB.NET Training (10 Courses, 23 Projects, 4 Quizzes). Q29. Private Constructor- It is created with a private specifier and does not allow other classes to derive from this class or create an instance of it. This assembly can be either a DLL or an executable file. However, multiple interfaces can solve the purpose. Type Metadata – Binary information of the program. The extension method is used to add new methods in the existing class or the structure without modifying the source code of the original type. Ans. Ans. Programmers generate software by integrating their source code with .NET Framework and other libraries. trainers around the globe. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in .Net Analytics. ADO stands for ActiveX Data Objects. Metadata is termed as “Data about the content of the data” and it is found in the catalog of libraries. Scott Hanselman has an extensive series of blog posts that cover commonly asked questions during .NET-related Interviews : What Great Developers Ought to Know.NET Interview Questions; Scott Hanselman's Interview Questions with Answers Default Constructor- It is without any parameters. Ans. Reflection objects are used for creating type instances and obtaining type information at runtime. Initialization, condition checking, iteration statements are written at the top of the For loop, but only initialization and condition checking is done at the top of the while loop. Interview Questions.

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