As a result, park officials introduced a predator to trim the herd. These white-tailed deer are so numerous that they threatened to kill off whole species of plants. In Rock Creek Park, the National Park Service has for several years brought in sharpshooters to cull the “overabundant” deer. "After extensive public participation and input, we now have the tools to guide deer management in Rock Creek Park for the next 15 years," said park superintendent Tara Morrison. Even though the city has no remote wilderness areas where wildlife can live in absolute seclusion, its proximity to Rock Creek Park, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers, still make DC a very attractive place for many animals. ‘Leave it Alone’ Many wildlife agencies are shifting to a more hands-off approach to animals in urban areas instead of treating every sighting as a … The Rock Creek Park Nature Center, tucked just south of Military Rd, has a small gift shop, planetarium, and a large exhibit of local plant and animal species. Extreme Cleanup; Carter Barron Project; Rock Creek Gala ; MLK Day - Past Event - January 2020; Get Involved. Volunteers have been monitoring three streams in Rock Creek Park since the mid-1990s and have found just two of the eels in the past nine years; one … Animals; Plants; Geology; Watershed; Montgomery County Parks; History; What We Do. In late November 1926, a live animal sent by one Vinnie Joyce of Nitta Yuma, Mississippi, ... and Rebecca was banished to the national zoo in Rock Creek Park. Wildlife In DC The District of Columbia is home to a surprising amount of wildlife. 2. It was only the third national park established by the U.S., following Yellowstone in 1872 and Mackinac National Park in 1875. Rock Creek supports a diverse assortment of animal life, given its location in the densely populated Washington, DC, region. Or if you prefer golf, play 18 holes at the Rock Creek Golf Course.The challenging public course has elevation changes, dense woods, and narrow fairways, making it fun for both beginners and experienced players. Rock Creek Park was established by an act of Congress signed into law by President Benjamin Harrison on September 27, 1890, following active advocacy by Charles C. Glover and other civic leaders and in the wake of the creation of the National Zoo the preceding year.. Rock Creek Park. Rangers and volunteers at the nature center conduct a variety of free programs on the ecosystems found in the park … Rock Creek Park is home to the Rock Creek Tennis Center, located at 16th and Kennedy streets.The courts are open year-round and the fee to play ranges from $12 - $20 per hour. 3. Restoration; A Voice for Rock Creek; Downspout Disconnection; Upcoming Events. Founded in 1889, the Smithsonian's National Zoo sits on 163 acres in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park and is home to 2,700 animals representing more than 390 species. The mapleleaf shrub grows to a height that’s prime for the park’s notorious Bambis to feed on. There are over 160 types of birds, 35 types of fish, and 30 mammals that can be found spending at least part of their lives in the creek or surrounding area.

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