The meaning of an allusion, is a device that stimulates ideas, associations, and information in a reader’s mind, with the help of words that refer to a common phrase or word. In his poem "The Raven" Edgar Allen Poe makes allusions to two famous sources, the Bible and Greek mythology. A literary allusion is a reference in some type of entertainment or work of art to a literary work, usually through a direct quote from the original work. However, it may be fitting—especially if your work is a period piece—to use a less-than-obvious allusion. Types of Allusions Biblical Allusion A statement that refers to the Bible without directly mentioning it Examples: “He was a good Samaritan yesterday when he helped the lady start her car.” (This refers to a story in Luke about being a good neighbor.) Allusion “He was Sometimes allusions can be hard to understand, and these types should be used sparingly. An allusion’s specific type depends on the referenced subject. He alludes to the Bible by mentioning seraphim and referencing the balm of Gilead. As the examples above demonstrate, allusions can refer to a myriad of sources. It’s when a writer makes reference to some other work, or an earlier part of the current work. Let’s take a closer look at these biblical allusions. One example comes from the 19th century writer Herman Melville. Allusion is basically a fancy word for a reference. This article will show you the importance of using Allusion and how to use it. Allusion is when an author references something external to his or her work in a passing manner. For example, an author may reference a musical artist or song, a great thinker or philosopher, the author or title of a different text, or a major historical event. These are some of the most common types of allusion. Different Types of Allusion. Each of these concepts can be real or imaginary, referring to anything from fiction, to folklore, to historical events and religious manuscripts. Allusions can be made to all sorts of things: history, sports, pop culture, and so on. This means that various allusions are used to produce more meaningful and witty outputs. This type of allusion can occur in literature, often as a reference to another book or literary work. However, in this type of allusion various types are also use for the purpose of pop culture. An allusion is when a person or author makes an indirect reference in speech, text, or song to an event or figure. Poe alludes to Greek mythology by bringing up Pallas Athena and a Plutonian shore. An allusion is a figure of speech used to make one's writing more impactful by drawing a comparison with a well-known or famous person, place, piece of art, literature, etc. An allusion is a figure of speech within a piece of written work, which cites another piece of written work in itself. Clear Allusion examples and definition. There are two types of allusions that can be more difficult for readers to notice than other kinds, simply because these allusions require that the reader have more specialized knowledge in order to be able to spot them. This allusion is an indirect reference to a person, place, or event within a specific community or culture. This reference is made directly to a particular place, person, event, another written material or even a piece of art. It also depends on how the reader interprets the allusion… The allusion does not give much detail about the reference-it does not describe things in detail. An allusion is a figure of speech that references a person, place, thing, or event. Allusions are a type of poetic device. For example, a woman might say to her husband, “Thanks, Romeo,” after he’s offered some type of romantic gesture. Often the allusions made are to past events or figures, but sometimes allusions are made to current famous people or events..

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