It is usually a fairly simple issue to get rid of cactus fungus, but if the fungus has grown as a result of a wound to the plant, you might have a tougher time eradicating the problem. How To Get Rid Of Scale Insects On Houseplants. Then, treat the cactus’s roots with some pest control product to prevent the insects from returning. Results of Scale Infestation. The soap suffocates the exposed scales without leaving residue toxic to honeybees or other beneficial bugs. This looks like scale, a sucking insect. This commission is at absolutely no cost to you. So you should scrape off the cactus scale by washing the plant with a weak detergent solution or by mechanically removing insects with a toothpick. Here are some natural ways to eliminate your opuntia’s cochineal bug infestation: 1. How To Treat Sticky Leaves On Palm Plants. Mealybugs are like a plague. If not, lucky you! First of all, start the treatment by spraying your cactus with high pressure water from a sprayer or a hose. The hard insects will produce a hard secretion to protect their bodies. Add a little liquid soap to the mix so the water/Malathion stays on the plant better. Even better, I will show you how to prevent them! Dig the plant out or cut it off at the soil level. This should remove the existing scale. Insecticidal soap is also effective. It may have added to the barkiness of the plant. If the bugs’ physical removal has not worked and the infestation does not cover the entire plant, you could use a treatment with alcohol to kill the pests. Scale is recognized by the waxy outer covering, usually on the undersides of leaves and stems. When fighting scale, be sure to … How to get rid of a cochineal bug infestation. For this, you can use two teaspoonfuls of mild and fragrance-free dishwashing liquid diluted in one gallon of lukewarm water. Spray thoroughly paying special attention to the places where the pads or joints come together. Then spray Malathion to control major infestations weekly. The wax comes from an insect common to the Sonoran desert called "cochineal scale." Use a pressurized water hose and wash the insects and their scale off your cactus pads. You can also dab the scales with cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, the hard waxy shell Scale has to protect themselves from predators means that they are a bugger to get rid of. The cactus mealybug Atrococcus mamillariae (formerly known as Spilococcus cactearum) is a pest of cacti and other succulents. I am going to tell … Fortunately, cactus fungus is susceptible to natural methods and commercial fungicides, so it can usually be treated before it kills the plant. Make sure to quarantine an affected cactus. Scale may also appear on fruit as brown, red, white or gray dots. the rubbing alcohol is okay to use. Get Rid Of Prickly Pear, See More Grazing Area, ... we can help you get rid of your cactus (within 1 YEAR) without hurting your good trees… create more safe grazing (on the 1st DAY)… protect your livestock and horses from cactus (FOREVER)… and know (RIGHT AWAY) if you got a good kill or not. Follow these organic plant scale treatment methods, like using a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton swab, neem oil for houseplants, and other natural home remedies, and learn how to prevent scale insects from ever coming back! They are difficult to get rid of but try a mix of 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol and a few drops of dish washing soap in a hand held spray bottle. I don’t recommend using a chemical scale pesticide, because houseplant scale are resistant to most pesticides. Scale bugs multiply very quickly, as well as suck plant’s juices and leave scars. The red, peach, orange, cream or white flowers of a blooming Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) are a welcome sight during bleak winter months -- but not when they become infested with common household pests.They are reliable bloomers outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 through 11 but can be grown indoors in all zones.

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