If anything can motivate us to learn how to play chess and truly appreciate it, it's Netflix's new series,... Decorate Your Dream House. If you were pro in a foreign language in high school but have since lost your magic or you're a first-timer, now is a good time to download a language app like Memrise or Duolingo and start practicing. Get an instructional book and teach yourself how to knit or crochet. I’ve been given a recommendation to start this podcast, too. If that sounds too ambitious right one or don't have anyone to practice with, try playing solitaire instead. I have a summer and a winter robe! You could also make jewelry, ceramics or simply … If we still have our breath right now, let's find it." Forts aren’t only for kids, and you can get creative with building a cozy one in your living room. Turn that patch of green into an outdoor play wonderland with games and summer essentials. I also learned how to play Canasta on spring break. So I put together this list of fruitful and fun activities to do at home to spread the positivity around. I haven’t played since then, but it’s on my list of ideas for a rainy day. 71 Fun Things To Do At Home To Banish Boredom. Us too. 25 Fun Ways to Be More Productive at Home Play Chess. Or just order an indoor plant online. My favorite is Glo. It's a fun game of improv that everyone will have fun playing. This allows everyone to stay in tune with what is going on with the business and to celebrate each other’s success (oftentimes they turn into a big love fest! Spending time in the kitchen is a fun way to pass the time. The 15 Best Adult Christmas Party Games to Play All Holiday Season Long. Doing something detail-oriented and creating something beautiful is both soothing and long-lasting! This is a fun activity AND you get to reap some tasty benefits. . And while I’m not a video game person, I do love card and board... 2. Now's the time to educate yourself. It feels like we’re in a class together and gives us a morning or mid day activity! Six Gift Ideas for Runners You Haven’t Heard, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Review - why they're one of my go-to running shoes, Gluten-Free German Pancakes – the best fluffy pancakes ever, Holiday Cocktail Party Dresses for Christmas & New Year’s. searchInput = form.find( 'input[name="s"]' );

It’s somewhat strange to refer to myself as an adult, but I guess it’s true. Currently on my list: Weather by Jenny Offill. There are so many great at-home apps to try. You know the kind. If you have space, even a window box could work for herbs, you could do this. Goodness knows how many walks I’ve taken this spring! I’ve been taking over one dinner a week for my family, and I recently made a Greek dinner. 61 Fun Things to Do at Home. Puzzles: Activities that Sharpen the Mind Jigsaw Here's a look inside the Met! I know Teri loves these bath salts, this body scrub and this body butter to slather on when you’re done. Lots of museums are setting up their exhibits online, so we can still get our arts and culture fixes from the confines of our homes. During this time of year, a typical day in summer would look a lot like going to a workout class, working from home for the morning, maybe going to the pool, and then out to dinner with some friends. Practicing social distancing doesn’t have to mean sitting in front of the TV all day. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. One of my friends meets me outside, and we do circuit workouts together (socially distanced, of course). Make your own drive-in movie. The more comedians in the house the better! I actually enjoy cleaning, so I’m going to organize my closet and clean it out this week! For more Home Love ideas, head here—we'll be launching a new one every day until April 1st. They... 3. A post shared by Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth (@honeynsilk). Master New Makeup Looks Just because you're not going out lately doesn't mean you can't have fun trying out some new makeup looks. For most of us, self-isolation is like the whiplash you experience after an unexpected, abrupt halt after cruising at 70 miles per hour. I listen to them on drives and on walks. Designate one person the music player and have everyone else stand in a circle around the circle of seats. After learning to cut someone else's hair, I'm now focused on learning to cut my own. Name that tune Doing a music quizcan be a great way to trigger memories and reminiscence about a particular era. Teri has hundreds of recipes that would be perfect to try. I work for Teri as an assistant, and I do whatever is needed. Here's some wanderlust to get the ball rolling and here's a list of the places designers can't wait to visit. 5. var values = event.target.value.split( '|' ); I especially like audiobooks. My sister recently introduced our family to Cardinal Mexican Train Dominoes, and we’ve loved playing together after dinner. You could opt for a guided class or just look up moves to replicate at your own pace. Other Fridays, we go around the table and share personal and company highs for the week. We’re going to make tomato pie later this summer. Until quarantine, I wasn’t a game-player. If you have one of these, it’s a great way to have a night “out” while staying home. Living room couch cushions, sheets, flashlights, the whole bit. I want to do this soon!

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