We really weren’t frightened much — we were enjoying ourselves watching the wind whip the clouds around in the lake basin. Sperry Chalet to reopen after being gutted in 2017 fireThe Sperry Chalet at Glacier National Park has undergone two years of reconstruction and is finally complete for the reopening on July 18. Opened in 1914 the main buildings consist of a two story dormitory building and a kitchen/dining room building. The flames that gutted the 114-year-old Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park on Thursday were first noticed coming from the inside, according to firefighters who were desperately trying to save The Indians were most hospitable to them – building them teepees, bringing them supplies, chopping wood, etc. Despite uncertainty surrounding summer in Glacier, concessioner said no one has canceled reservation to stay at the chalet By Justin Franz // May 18, 2020 The Sperry Chalet pictured on Oct. 4. You see we had sent our silk dresses in my overnight bag up by mail because the orchestra from here (East Glacier) went up to play for a big party – and we knew we’d dance. This is one of two journals kept by Gladys Johnson during the summer of 1926. He is an old-timer and has as many wrinkles in his face as some of the Indians around here. The trail is steep. On August 31, 2017, the the historic building was destroyed by The rocks on top of Mount Wilbur are beautiful red – not brick red or wine red or ashes of roses — but a mixture of all 3. Sperry Chalet, West Glacier, MT. As we went up we climbed higher and higher into the clouds. He also oversaw the construction of the trail that provided access to the glacier from the Lake McDonald Lodge. The place where we were crouched into was dry at first, but suddenly a stream began to trickle down – right where my back was resting against the rock, and as we were wedged in I couldn’t move or Lenore wouldn’t have any shelter, but I didn’t mind. Lewis is a beautiful place — with the lake directly in front of it and a profusion of flowers everywhere. All forums . We had hiked a little over an hour when it started to rain. I fell once and cut my hand and got pretty dirty, but I already was dirty so a little more didn’t matter. Reservations will open on Monday, January 11 2021. I wrote a six-page letter home before dinner. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Sperry Chalet Winter Photos [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last fall, through the support of generous donors like you, Glacier National Park completed a significant stabilization effort to protect the Sperry Chalet … This afternoon we went over to the linen room and Lenore cut out her silk dress and I sewed. (That was the second time all summer I’d eaten potatoes and I thoroughly enjoyed them.) © Glacier National Park Conservancy 2020 |, Sperry Chalet reconstruction begins at funding campaign launches, Big Fork distillery donates liquor sales to Sperry Chalet rebuild, Glacier Park’s Sperry Chalet reconstruction begins Monday, Glacier National Park Conservancy Launches $500K Campaign for Sperry Chalet Rebuild, Anatomy of Glacier’s Sprague Fire shows close calls, ‘It Was a Gut Punch’: Independent Review of Sprague Fire Details Sperry Chalet’s Final Hours, The Sperry Experience: New Book Chronicles Historic Glacier Chalet, Company Selected for Sperry Rebuild has Worked on Chalet Before, Park Service Awards $14M Contract to Rebuild Sperry Chalet, Funding Secured to Rebuild Glacier’s Sperry Chalet, Zinke Requests $12M to reconstruct Glacier Park’s Sperry Chalet, Glacier National Park says Sperry Chalet rebuild won’t permanently harm wildlife, Glacier Park: Sperry Chalet will be rebuilt within its historic stone walls, Flyover Shows Chalet Walls Survive Epic Winter, Sperry Chalet’s relic walls survive winter intact; public comment due, NPS Recommends Rebuilding Sperry Chalet at Original Site, Glacier recommends rebuilding Sperry Chalet in place, Original design favored for Sperry Chalet rebuild, Public supports preserving Sperry Chalet’s historic character, Overflight video shows more late winter detail of Sperry Chalet, Comment period ends Monday for Glacier’s Sperry Chalet, 600 inches and counting: Sperry Chalet inundated with snow, but walls still stand, Sperry Chalet Rebuild Scoping Comments Due April 2, Architects meet public for Sperry Chalet redesign, Glacier Park superintendent wants Sperry Chalet rebuilt starting this summer, Zinke seeks quick restoration of Sperry Chalet, Zinke Talks Sperry Rebuild, Parks Funding, Glacier National Park’s Sperry Chalet rebuild on an aggressive timeline, No food, lodging at Glacier’s Sperry complex this summer, Glacier National Park moves forward with restoration of Sperry Chalet, Glacier to begin Sperry Chalet reconstruction with January open house, The future of the Sperry Chalet: restoration and renewal, Stoltze, Smartlam to Cut Lumber from Capitol Christmas Tree, Tester: Use Capitol Christmas tree to help rebuild chalet, Year to Remember: Community Rallied to Rebuild Glacier Chalet, Plans developing to rebuild historic Sperry Chalet in northwest Montana, Sperry Chalet Stabilization Effort Complete, Glacier Park Begins Stabilization Work at Sperry Chalet, Remembering Sperry Chalet: ‘There’s Just a Spirit in that Building’, Fire that gutted Sperry Chalet was First noticed coming from inside the building, Sperry Chalet Remembered as an Iconic Glacier Park Treasure. Well, to go on. We’ve created this site for everyone who loves Sperry to reminisce about the past, be informed about current events, and help plan for the future. $237 First person, $159 each additional person in the same room. We have operating dates for the 2021 season: Granite Park Chalet will open June 28 through September 12. Day hikes from this spot are plenty and spectacular. We visit the 2018 Sperry Chalet rebuild and reminsce about the Sperry Chalet rebuild in the 1990s, too. All the lakes here are a most beautiful greenish blue or bluish green, rather. He said he knew Mr. Sperry (the discoverer of the glacier and an ex Carleton professor). If 17.5 miles seems a little long for a day hike, you can look into staying over at the Sperry Chalet (reservations required). The trail down to Lewis’s is well-traveled and the path is wide enough for two. For those of you who could join us at Sperry this summer, it was a joy to serve you. All donations are tax deductible. I sat with the fireman. Where it stands is very much like an island with water on four sides and only a narrow strip of land connecting it to the mainland. My shoe hurt somewhat and as they are both too large it was quite uncomfortable going up the steep climb. Sperry Chalet, tinted slide . Glacier National Park Conservancy is Be sure to have comfortable, Lenore and I wove all sorts of fantastic weavings of how if it were our place we would call it “The Student’s Dream House.” We would invite artists, poets, astronomers, philosophers, botanists, geologists, etc., Oh, yes, Lenore says we’d have a cook. This 18" x 24" Glacier National Park print features an illustration of the iconic Sperry Chalet located in the heart of Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana.Printed on high quality paper: 100# Pacesetter Silk Paper StockSize: 18" x 24" The hail stones struck us in the face and the wind blew so hard we decided it wasn’t wise to stay on the trail. We are going to Sperry over Gunsight Pass. Once when we stopped we thought we heard the woof woof of a bear — so we hurried along. The moss on top of Mount Edwards is most luxuriant. The trail led underneath immense boulders and rocks which seemed as if the only thing they could do was to fall right over on top of us. Hikers will gain 3,593 feet, in 6.3 miles, to reach the chalet. backcountry camping permits in Glacier, see Glacier National Park's Backcountry Camping Guide. Once when the wind blew hard he asked me what kind of a jacket I had on and I said “velvet” and he said “Oh, a Romeo and Julia coat, huh?” I wanted to whoop out loud but refrained. We would have liked to stay longer, but we wanted to see the Glacier, so we set out. Sperry Chalet Reservation 2020 - Glacier National Park Forum. He gave us an entirely new picture of the Indians. the Park—a mission made possible We didn’t mind the climb up the switchbacks on Mount Jackson at all although they are as steep as on Swiftcurrent Pass. On the evening of August 31, 2017, the Sprague Fire burned the dormitory building at the Sperry Chalet Complex. Grace and Landon Gardner of Missoula got up bright and early last Saturday morning. The renovated Sperry Chalet is shown in late September, 2019. Sperry Glacier We STRONGLY recommend you hike to the famous Sperry Glacier via the Sperry Glacier Trail the following morning if you're in good physical condition! Sperry Chalet Le Sperry Chalet est un chalet américain situé à environ 10 km à l'est du lac McDonald, dans le parc national de Glacier dans l'État du Montana.Le chalet fut construit en 1914 par la compagnie ferroviaire Great Northern Railway. GLACIER NATIONAL PARK — The historic Sperry Chalet is open for the season, but things are a little different this year because of coronavirus. A la carte lunch service available from 11:30 to 5:00 every day. On one ledge of rocks we could see the smallest trees — it looked like a fairyland — we called them Lilliputian trees. When we got home (East Glacier Lodge dormitory#3) Ally had the writing desk covered with food for us and with a whoop we fell to eating (hot coffee, too), and talking, telling her of our trip. Glacier National Park Conservancy is a 501(c)3. There are two options for overnight stays at Sperry 2020 Overnight rate: Be careful. A professor friend of Lenore’s drove through here about a week ago and went to Yellowstone. If we had been through work he would have taken us along — so we decided it wouldn’t be wrong to write my folks about him only change the time element from the past to the future. I knew he was talking about beavers and deer but what he said was more than I could guess so I said “Yes” and “Well!” and “Is that so”, etc., and we got along capitally. It was built in 1913 by railroad tycoon James J. Hill and his son Louis. Then the clouds lifted and it stopped raining and the sun came out, bringing out all the colors of the mountains in new freshness. Whatever you carry in, you're expected to carry back out with you. Reply to: Sperry Chalet Reservation 2020. The Glacier National Park … Glacier National Park will rebuild the iconic Sperry Chalet dormitory, beginning this summer and with the endorsement of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Mountain goats are resident natives of the Sperry/Gunsight area and are almost daily visitors. What he knew about the mountains was just what he had heard from others. The concessioner for Sperry Chalet maintained property insurance at the contract-specified IRV amount of $1.2 M which will be available to rebuild the Sperry dormitory building. Close up look at Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park on a rest day, September 2010. On January 11, 2021 an online reservation request form will be available via Belton Chalets Inc., the concessionaire that operates Sperry Chalet for the National Park Service. As he said, the American version of the Indian was either an ideal one – thinking all Indians to be either a Hiawatha or a Minnehaha – or else regarding them as the scum of the earth. Easy access to backcountry hiking and wilderness adventures. Dinner was at 6:30 and such a dinner. Her summer adventures included a memorable visit to Sperry Chalet. Sperry Chalet / Gunsight Pass Trail near West Glacier in Glacier National Park - A sustained ascent through trees for 4.0 miles and then more open terrain leads to the foot of stunning Glacier Basin, the Sperry Chalet and Sperry Campground. Then we started hiking again and before we had gone far – we were right at Lincoln Pass just before one reaches the tippety top of Gunsight – a dreadful storm came up without any warning. Never in my life have I seen anything more dramatic and spectacular than the way the storm came up. In 1926, before the completion of Going to the Sun Road, Gladys Johnson spent a summer working at the East Glacier Lodge. The guest rooms are comfortable, but not modern. Sperry Chalet is no ordinary lodge for your vacation to Glacier National Park.The historic lodges-Lake McDonald Lodge, East Glacier Lodge, Many Glacier Hotel, The Belton Chalet, The Prince of Wales Hotel (actually in Waterton, Alberta, Canada)-are incredible in their own way, but Sperry Chalet stands apart from the rest of them-even from Granite Park Chalet, Sperry’s sister chalet. The clouds obscured most of the scenery and we could see only the dim and grim outlines of the rocks. He was a very talkative sort of a man, but because of the large plug of tobacco he had in his mouth, I couldn’t understand him very well. ... As you get moving on the hike, you'll pass the Sperry Chalet. 8:00 a.m. Mountain time zone. The flames that gutted the 114-year-old Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park on Thursday were first noticed coming from the inside, according to firefighters who were desperately … The bread was most scrumptious — freshly baked rye bread with orange marmalade baked right in it. Only the last one of the six ladders is slanting. Do not approach wildlife. With your support, we provide funding for vital projects and programs that preserve and protect the park. Please visit SperryChalet.com for more information. Can’t you see us, diary, on the top of the mountain with the wind and sleet blowing in our faces and making my velvet jacket flop about me. The evenings are usually cool and the We sat in the small cozy lobby which is used as a dining room also, and drank our tea and then toasted marshmallows over the small heater. Sperry Glacier is a mass of ice that sits in a basin with blue-green pools below. From Sperry Chalet Trailhead: Sperry Glacier Trail, north of the Sperry Chalet Distance: 3.9 miles (one way) Elevation Gained: 1,600 vertical feet THE HIKE TO SPERRY GLACIER You will truly enjoy your day at the Sperry Glacier in Glacier National Park. What we could see was covered with dust and soot particles from the forest fires of Belton. The clouds swirled in around the corner into the lake basin and filled it in a twinkling of an eye, and before we realized it we were in the midst of a cloud with clouds far below us and above us. When they started in again at 5 a.m. and threatened to keep it up all morning I called in and asked if they please wouldn’t mind not making so much noise and they kept quiet after that. Yesterday I did ever so many little odd jobs and we made some heavenly fudge to give to the people at Sperry who were so hospitable to us. Read our community guidelines. The trail goes down — almost to the shore of the lake and gradually goes up again on the other side of Gunsight Mountain. We were only lost a little over half an hour, but that was long enough. First off the rooms were all new so they were perfect. The ruins of the chalet are closed to the public, as are some additional areas around the complex. Crews were busy preparing the logs for shipment. Sperry Chalet, West Glacier. I didn’t mind going up so much, but I hated coming down. Moderate but sustained elevation gain through shady forest gets you to incredible overlooks and a campground on the rim of a mountainside. At that we got over there a quarter after six and two of my tables were full! Lenore Edgerton was also a MN college student. Everything cooked deliciously and was piping hot. There are two options for overnight stays at Sperry Please check your email for the Glacier Visitor Guide. Glacier National Park’s Sperry Chalet, after burning in the Sprague Fire in 2017, is rebuilt and receiving guests again for the 2020 season, as seen August 13, 2020. Enter for your chance to win a 2021 Glacier night sky calendar photographed by the acclaimed Montana artist and conservationist, John Ashley. It is very pleasant to hike with canes for the tap tap of them set a merry little tune and all exercise is easier with music. We could not be more pleased with his beautiful work. Sperry Chalet / Gunsight Pass Trail near West Glacier in Glacier National Park - A sustained ascent through trees for 4.0 miles and then more open terrain leads to the foot of stunning Glacier Basin, the Sperry Chalet and Sperry Campground. Lenore saw the resemblance, too. We are not responsible for the weather or weather related conditions. As you get moving on the hike, you'll pass the Sperry Chalet. Browse all 9,299 Glacier National Park topics » Sperry Chalet … water. Altogether on our trip we hiked 45 miles so Saturday we didn’t do much. Gladys and Lenore came up with a plan to hitchhike back to Minnesota at the end of the season without telling anyone! Through a public private partnership and the support of many donors like you, the Sperry Chalet Restoration Project is now complete. The beloved dormitory building was destroyed by the Sprague Fire on August 31, 2017. Flashlights are used at night as no candles or fueled lights are allowed. We started hiking the 13 miles to Belton, but before we had gone far a fellow from Leland Stanford picked us up in his car and gave us a ride almost to Belton. Email: info@glacier.org. The hike to Sperry Glacier in Glacier … The Sperry Action Fund was established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to work at the chalet. Reservations for the 2021 season will become available January 2021. Norman is a clever chap so we had a good time. When we got down several hundred feet we were out of the clouds and could see some of the scenery. Email: orders@glacier.org. The two of them were waitresses at East Glacier Lodge. The area is a great basecamp for visiting the Sperry Glacier… Among other things he told us if we carried dried prunes in our pockets and ate them while hiking we wouldn’t get thirsty or hungry. We are not going to dance very long (it’s 10:30 now) because we want to go to bed early so we can get up and get an early start on our trip. I had no idea the wind currents moved so rapidly. Both the chalet and glacier were named for Dr. Lyman B. Sperry of Oberlin College, who scouted for "scenic attractions" on behalf of the Great Northern Railway. The Indian men do not know how. They are a delight to the photographer as they seem to pose for their picture. Nothing has ever tasted better. All reservations get a private room. bodies are the most common fun killers that can be encountered. About 7 0’clock a boy rapped at our door and asked if we didn’t want a pitcher of warm water! The fisherman, Mr. Harrison, who catches all the whitefish that is used in the park, came in with a mess of fish while we were there. We kept wishing as we went along that the clouds would not disperse until we got to the top, for neither of us had been up in a cloud before. Opened in 1914 the main buildings consist of a … It was good. Sore, blistered feet and cold wet Your message. Breakfast was supposed to be at 7:30 but it was a little late so we sat around the heater. Sperry Chalet, West Glacier, MT. The ruins of the chalet are closed to the public, as are some additional areas around the complex. Then it began to hail. Sperry Chalet will open July 11 through September 12. 1.1K likes. If 17.5 miles seems a little long for a day hike, you can look into staying over at the Sperry Chalet … Join a 3 day hut hike to historic Sperry Chalet in Glacier Park. There are so many goat paths and paths made by former streams that it isn’t any wonder at all and then, too, in the thick clouds! Temperatures in July and August vary It was a cold, frosty morning, and we were glad not to crawl out of bed. While most people will visit Sperry Glacier as part of an overnight stay, it can be done in one long day trip as well. Expect an experience similar to camping, only without the hassles of pitching tents, organizing campsites, Just out of sight of Gunsight Lake one suddenly comes upon beautiful Lake Ellen Wilson shut in by several mountains. They are not always 'happy to see you'. I wanted so much to write to you before I left (East Glacier Lodge), but I just couldn’t find time. Sperry Chalet Trail is a 11.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Mc Donald, Montana that features a lake and is rated as difficult. He pointed out to us the results of the forest fires. The facility is primitive and rustic. The need for parks, mountains, and beautiful hiking trails has never been more apparent to us. We'll be in touch soon with Glacier Park Conservancy news, updates, and exciting stories. (Note: The letter from Merten Hasse, who was also a student at Carleton, was the beginning of their courtship and then marriage.). P.S. by donations from individuals like you. It is a very queer sensation to be on a trail and know that there is a sudden drop on one side of the path, but all that is visible is the white mist of the clouds! It’s just about 12 now. From an engineer’s standpoint they are a skillful achievement. Being lost in the clouds is no joke although we were not alarmed for as soon as the clouds lifted we could get onto the right trail again. The air is so light on a mountain top — so full of ether — that you have to breathe lots more of it to get all the oxygen you need. Sperry Glacier is a mass of ice that sits in a … The trail to the Sperry Glacier, Chalet and campground starts at the Gunsight Pass Trailhead, located across from the Lake McDonald Lodge on the east side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road (see driving directions below). The Sperry Action Fund was established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to work at the chalet. (Drawings of switchback and waterfall on it). When the Sperry Chalet dormitory building was lost to the Sprague Fire in August 2017, the Glacier National Park Conservancy established the Sperry Action Fund to help support the immediate needs … Built in 1914, Sperry Chalet has been a popular destination in Glacier National Park for more than a century. He is tremendously interesting when once he starts talking. After a good nights sleep at the Sperry Chalet, the next morning we strongly suggest that you take the amazing hike 2.5 miles up to the Sperry Headwall (Comeau Pass) and then on to the great Sperry Glacier (additional 1 mile). A sack lunch is provided to enjoy while hiking. The sun was under the clouds when we started and it was delightfully cool for hiking. Become a Friend of Glacier today Sperry is the exact opposite. Thank you for joining our online community! The pandemic put a damper on the Sperry Chalet grand re-opening, but we are thrilled with the new dormitory building. We spent the entire afternoon and had a most enjoyable time. Sperry Chalet is one of Glacier’s historic treasures. But they kept ascending as we did so when we reached the top of Gunsight Pass they were gone. Sperry Chalet. Sperry was the leader of the first party to reach the glacier in 1895. In August of 2017 the Sperry Chalet dormitory was consumed by a wildfire. The next morning we got up at six but as breakfast wasn’t until 7:00 we didn’t get started until 8:00. He knew Don Cummins and was a good talker. We counted nine silvery-threaded streams rushing down one side of it with any number of little streams going into these. are visiting them, they are not visiting you. Moderate but sustained elevation gain through shady forest gets you to incredible overlooks and a campground on the rim of a mountainside. After tea, we went to our room and lay down but couldn’t sleep as a noisy couple moved into the room next to ours and laughed heartily and talked boisterously. Listed as an Historic Landmark, these rustic buildings, built … Glacier National Park forums . Then, too, we had checked out from Sperry before we left and so they would not think of us lost in the clouds. When we got to Belton we bought a sundae (we wanted a sandwich but couldn’t get any), some peanuts and another candy bar! Get up close and personal with one of our last remaining glaciers, Sperry! If 17.5 miles seems a little long for a day hike, you can look into staying over at the Sperry Chalet (... 17.5 miles 5030 ft gain Hike to Mount Brown Fire Lookout. The first 5.8 miles of the hike follows the Gunsight Pass trail to the junction with the Sperry Glacier … available in the Sperry area for those who wish to backpack and camp out. The trail is steep. The first three or four miles is through Australian spruce trees and the rest through the fragrant white cedarwood. West Glacier, MT 59936, Phone: 406.888.5756 The rest are perpendicular (drawing). It wasn’t a mild rain either. We went back to sleep. sleeping on the ground, or preparing meals. Apricot sauce — griddle cakes and maple syrup — coffee — toast and jam — bacon — (Nom de Dieu, I never hope to eat better bacon) — and homemade doughnuts! We had only hiked 3 miles and we would have liked to hike farther but we didn’t want to miss getting to St. Mary which is 32 miles from the entrance before the launch left – so we got in. James was responsible for creating the Great Northern Railway, which was a major developer of Glacier National Park’s facilities in the early 1900s. She left the next day on her trip. Today I played sick and Helen said I should go home at breakfast and that I should stay off for lunch. No electricity, heat or running water. Chalets. The National Park Service immediately stabilized the remaining stone walls and an ambitious reconstruction project took place over the next two years. He has just now gone upstairs to get us some salted nuts. It was aweinspiring. Winners will be announced early January. We really made the entire climb in record time — an hour and 40 minutes going up and 40 minutes down and 4 hours for the climb is considered good. The leaves of the aspen trees were turning yellow and the silvery green of the poplars, the dark deep shades of firs and pines, the bright red mountain ash berries and sarsaparilla berries made the landscape a most beautiful one.

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