They are all so amazing! All Redwork Gatherings orders will receive a sticker pack! I noticed that Jake is wearing a Syracuse University t-shirt. The pattern that was chosen for Take It Easy was a traditional, timeless pattern, nothing too complicated or busy…again, nothing to distract from what I loved most about this quilt. Is the baptist fan considered a good choice for antique quilts or more traditional/ modern quilts. Did you pick the winners yet? I did catch that little sentence about opening up a new store!! Thank you for your knowledge on long arm quilting Lisa! I’m lucky in that my regular long arm person knows what I like. I am drawn to it, but have never used it. Redwork Gatherings Dark Red - Checker Block. I have so enjoyed the back story on these quilts . A Bernina dealer & computerized quilting———very exciting! Tell Jake I love his Syracuse T-shirt! Can’t wait for my red fabric to arrive in aug/September! In this post I want to touch on the topic of having your quilt Long Arm quilted. I ordered the materials for Take it Easy when your reds first came out…then made the mistake of showing the line to my husband who fell in love with 55… I am just ready to hand quilt a mini red and white quilt and i just needed those thoughts. I love to choose a quilting pattern and my Long Arm quilter seems to know the perfect pattern even if I don’t. Loving your Redwork, and appreciate seeing you daily during quarantine. I loved to hand quilt, but arthritis made this impossible. I usually think of rounded quilt lines but I liked that. Thanks so much for all the quilting information, so much to learn!! There are three types on Long arm Quilting. Sent my Baeyer Star to th LAQ last week. I especially liked the thread colors suggestions. The quilt is 57" x 74" and is the perfect combination of piecing and hand … I like the idea of 2 colors in 55 and Life…, This post is definately going in my “Keeper” file. The thread color information was very helpful. Quilting the quilt can definitely be disconcerting and I love how you make the piecing shine using effective simple quilting. Now the next choice is the million dollar question, what color thread do we quilt it with? All of these red work quilts are stunning! First, I’m not on Facebook, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICK! so starting my Lady In Thread, LLC business was a no-brainer. Thanks for the information. PRODUCT. I have never had a quilt machine quilted before,Thankyou for sorting out what for me is an intimidating process. Love red and white! The things you considered when looking at the quilt top. Happy Birthday is Nick! Picking the right thread can be intimidating, thanks for the post! I like your idea of not having to send batting or even backing in some cases to be long arm quilted. What great information! So simple custom quilting with the thread changes, red on reds and cream thread on the cream…fits just fine! Lisa, you are the best technician I know. So happy you will soon have a long-arm service! You’ve chosen well with both thread color and design. Exquisite fabric line. Congratulations on entering the longarm business. A treasured antique Redwork … Thank you so much! Thanks for sharing the value of simple quilt designs. Wool Felt Patterns By Style . Thanks so much. It puts everything into perspective on the quilting. Really enjoyed your lesson on deciding how to do the quilting! This is the best explanation on what color thread and type of quilting I have seen. First, thanks for all the insight on how you decide how the quilting should be done. Great information on choosing threads for 2 color quilts! Good info. Thanks so much! Quilting, Wool, Stitching, Recipes and life on Anchor Point. It is very therapeutic for me. Keep the info coming! Thanks so much. I have ordered one of the quilt kits, so now I have an idea as to the finishing ( if I ever get it finished!). She does not have a computer. Thank you for the quilting information on two tone quilts. Hi Lisa, I’m an amateur when it comes to quilting so this was extremely helpful. That first question you ask is something that never occurred to me to ask myself when deciding how to quilt. This has been a fantastic series of blog posts! Redwork Gatherings is a small but timeless quilt that uses the main redwork panel, small shoo fly blocks and a fun pieced outer border. I love using variegated thread for my quilts. Found your discussion about the different types of quilting and thread color very helpful. Hope your day is great. StitchX Best of 2015 Redwork Machine Embroidery Patterns - 20 Full Sets - Over 200 Designs. And, I think it is just SO awesome that your boys LOVE their MAMA’s passion of quilting❤️❤️❤️. Thank you for all your thoughts on Quilting the Quilt. Long, Long Way from Home…is a tribute to my time on the road away from home teaching quilting. $12.00. Thank you and congrats on becoming affiliated with Bernina! Custom quilting makes such a difference on a special quilt as is shown on your 55 & Life. Good luck on your future ventures. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Thank you for the time that you take to help us all be better quilters and stitchers! Thanks again- K-. The designs … It is a very difficult thing for me to figure out, so any input is welcome! The colors of reds are amazing. I really appreciated your comments and close-ups of thread colors for the quilt. I always struggle with how to have quilt quilted so your insight is very helpful!! I enjoyed the closeups of the finished quilting illustrating the options. So much good information and the pictures make it so easy to understand. Looking forward to this opportunity! Thank you for sharing your insight. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Thank you for your insights on machine quilting. As always very informative. Redwork Gatherings Red 49115 13. Thank you for your help and expertise. We will keep our turn around short with the fact that if we get a little more backlogged than we would like we can order another machine to help keep up with the demand…But more on that later…. Thank you Lisa! I learned much about the quilting process here that I didn’t know! Where???? That is where I am writing from. This quilt with the predominately light fabric was a very clear choice in the color thread we were to use…this is a pretty spot on color match to the cream. Is it the colors, Is it the quilting? Anxious to receive my red and white order in August. Loved seeing all the quilting designs and the thought process for each quilt! Love all the quilts, wonderful quilting. Thank you for the info! $10.99 This choice sometimes makes or breaks a quilt for me. Very informative about long arm quilting, as I have never tried that…I usually hand quilt or stipple on my home machine. It’s nice to hear that whatever we do is fine…because like you said it’s our quilt. Go Orange!! I always love visiting your Menasha store. I`m also looking forward to your future post about batting. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Thank you for the info. Again thanks for sharing the idea that it is a creative thought process and there are rules but they are not stuck in stone, that we get to choose! It is always the biggest question and the reason some of my tops are still just tops. Thank you Lisa for this post. Thank you so much for your tutorials! Simply gorgeous pieces of redwork art! Will you still sell Juki? (But, not would I have fun!). I have always thought your quilts were nicely done and it is often a dilemma …. I have 5 quit tops waiting!!!! We'll let you know when this item is available. The scale of the honeycomb and the red thread are a hit! I struggle with this and ordered Take It Easy. I especially appreciated the thread color advice. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Hi Lisa (I’m not on Facebook -so Happy Birthday, Nick!) Thanks for the information. For all the information. Redwork Gatherings Light Red - Checker Block. I want to talk about each one…how it was quilted, what color threads we used…. Hope you enjoy your day! Fabric > Fabric by Collections > Redwork Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda I love red and white quilts, so much so that I knew I had to create fabrics inspired by the antique quilts in my collection. I also let my long armer do as she wants with my tops. I really like it when you put lots of pictures in your blogs and email…real eye candy! Really appreciate you taking the time to share all these tips with us! I do have a question….in long arm quilting is there a particular way to stitch it so the quilt isn’t so stiff? The work you do is wonderful. That’s almost as difficult as choosing colors! So looking forward to my order of Redwork Gatherings. Never thought about the scale of quilting to pieces in the pattern. I’ve never had a quilt top professionally quilted before. Thanks! I’ve been fortunate to find a fabulous long arm quilter in our area who truly enhances the quilts I’ve made. Now I need more…not a bad problem to have. I suppose “it’s up to the quilter” as to how to use the templates but I would like a little “hand- holding “ on my first go. My longarmer is wonderful! So excited to have it available. Your quilts are beautiful! I also really appreciate your discussions on thread color and I will definitely give that some more thought next time. I want my quilting to go with the quilt, not tale it over. Thanks for your perspective. There are really no rules and this is what quilting is all about, creativity and freedom to do what you want on your quilt. I love this post. Really appreciate your insight into your quilting choices and why you chose them-very helpful for future reference! ugh, right? Sharon. I loved this post and I have been longarm quilting for 8+ years. You can hand quilt it, you can machine quilt it, you can have someone else machine quilt it on a long arm, these are your options. Happy Birthday to Nick!! I especially appreciated the info on the thread color… I have had this struggle, so it was awesome info! Feb 24, 2016 - Explore Annie Adams-Porter's board "Christmas/ Winter Redwork", followed by 582 people on Pinterest. I have been blessed to have a hand quilter to send my quilts to. Really appreciated your process in making decisions and why you choose specific thread/pattern options. Thanks! As a long arm quilter for 13 years, in my opinion selecting the thread color and weight of the thread can be a daunting task at times. I will have more of an idea now. Thanks, Colleen, Yes…it is a hands down best choice for all of the choices you mentioned…. It always just seems to look so . I learn SO much from you. I also want to say that I love every quilt – the reds are just stunning. You really are so helpful! I love red and white quilts. This was great info! if I had it my way I would do a lot more hand quilting. Results are certainly beautiful. Always hard decision. Thanks again. PRODUCT. Why we chose what we did in a quilting design…just a short explanation. The quilts are beautiful and so is the quilting. 4.6 out of 5 stars 20. I also like your thoughts on picking thread colors. Thank you so, so much for explaining the selection process for quilting… This blog is a keeper for future reference! Amazon's Choice for redwork embroidery patterns. The quilting is beautiful on all of them. I like for the blocks and design to stand out and not the quilting. Thanks very much! Quilted by Jake Neubauer. There are so many things to consider when finishing a quilt. Thanks for all the information. I have many quilt tops hanging in my closet because I don’t know how to finish them. I really appreciate the talent they have! This was a scrappy leftovers UFO quilt top – THEN if I like that pattern when I do the Redwork Gatherings red work quilt top, I’ll have that design done all over. Thanks for sharing your thought process in making choices about quilting design and thread color! Also happy to see your son’s working those longarm machines…. That is exciting news for sure. It’s definitely more modern looking than old school. Thank you. I think this is a good thing in a quilt such as this, you do not need the quilting to be the star…you want the design and the color to be more prominent. That just happened in March, so I’m enjoying the quilting I am doing for others. Life keeps changing and you’re adapting beautifully! What a wonderful post. I love how you also talked about thread choices. Happy Mother’s Day….. jmh, Thank you for clarifying quilting quilts. Never thought I could do it, but your papers make all the difference. We used the .. Wed., Thur., Fri. Traditional quilts are what I love. You just want it to be perfect by the time you’ve invested so much in the top! Thanks. And, did I miss something….a new store in Menasha? Free Holly & Ivy Pattern; Login . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ve often struggled with quilting a finished top particularly 2 color quilts….do you want the light thread to show on the dark fabric and vice verse. I always enjoy reading on what other Longarm quilters ideas and techniques are. I do love the Baptist fan quilting pattern, it looks great on your quilt. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I am relatively new to quilting ,trying to take on more challenges as I learn. See more ideas about redwork, christmas embroidery, embroidery patterns. Is so cute- know you two have a lot of fun together! I do struggle with choice of color and seeing how the colors worked on your quilts was very helpful. A treasured antique Redwork quilt inspired a panel that can be used … Lisa, thank you for sharing your thoughts on how to pick the color thread to use when quilting. The color of thread to use is always an issue for me. Thank you for blogging about the thread choice…that can certainly make or break the finished quilt!! Thanks so much for this post. Thanks for all the information on quilting—some things I’d never considered before. It all works IMHO. I am excited about your new shop opening. New! Redwork Quilt. Pattern and thread choices do make a quilt!!! This red a and white collection is just fabulous. “ just like that”. After all it is her business and she has more experience and has seen more than me. I’m so excited that you’ll be offering computerized quilting soon!!! Enjoyed the photos along with the information on different types of quilting. Hi Lisa, I really didn’t know that there was 3 ways of long arm quilting. I love the Take it Easy quilt with the lovely Baptist Fan quilting. Thanks for helping us again with your tips . Possibly the pro quilters would cringe at that but I like the way they turn out. PRODUCT. I am almost overwhelmed by all that you said about quilting. =:). Happy birthday Nick! All of them! So when you have your quilt quilted or you quilt your own if you need some ideas hopefully this will help and by the way…I knew I was going to post something about the quilts being quilted so I did some experimenting on them…and to be fair…the comments and statements I make are just my opinions…nothing more than that…remember…there really are no rules in quilting, in the end it is your quilt…do what you wish. The examples were really good. I sure do tap my long arm quilter for her knowledge. So informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your quilting choices for your Redwork Gathering quilts, so helpful and informative! I do a lot of these and always wonder about thread as do my friends. That’s something I always think about – love seeing the pictures to illustrate what red vs. cream thread will look like. Take it Easy…again…what do you see when you first look? Really great information! I’m learning the hard way to get fabric for your backing while there is still fabric available. I found the discussion about thread color choice for quilting very helpful. right. ... Redwork Quilt Pattern~by Lisa Bongean~ Finished Size 61-3/4" X 78-3/4"~ Redwork Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings … With that in mind, we chose to stitch an allover design…we scaled it a little smaller so it complimented the sizes of the pieces in the quilt. I am eager to try hand quilting although I do not have a big frame like yours. It will be great to have machine quilting even binding services available. I too love the look after quilts are washed. You are so right Lisa. I look forward to the facebook live presentations you do! Hopefully I will be able to make the trip this summer. Enjoyed seeing your thought process on how you choose designs and threads. Saying that, I also feel some quilts look better machine quilted. This post will definitely help me when I quilt my quilts especially your thoughts on thread choice. Thanks so much for all that information. I know she’ll be able to help. Thanks for informing everyone else. I dearly love how each quilt is quilted. I like the geometric one on the first one!! It definitely makes a difference when I looked at your quilts. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom on how to decide what to do. It was very interesting about using two colors. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. $49.99 $ 49. I hope my little insight on quilting may have helped you understand a little more about quilting your quilts…and again…these are my thoughts and opinions, not the BIBLE. Details: 100% cotton premium quilting fabric Includes 30 fat quarters 18" x 22" (Pre-cut fabric sizes here) and 1 panel Precision cut and bundled by the manufacturer May include duplicate prints Get the Pre-Cuts:Redwork Gatherings Fat Quarter BundleRedwork Gatherings Fat Eighth BundleRedwork Gatherings … I love posts like this – learning about what you chose and why you chose it, seeing both the full shot and up close photos. Wonderful information!! And it’s always more expensive to change thread color too so those tips on color were great! Redwork Hanging Heart Kit. Great advice on thread color. Thank you for sharing your ideas on how you decided to finish your quilts, that is sometimes a real chore for me and can delay the finishing of my quilts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pair these prints … Thanks for very helpful information, and it really helps to see the pictures too! Thank You for all you do…. I always love to know the “methods to your madness”. It’s also nice to know that quilting services will be available soon also. Love all the Redwork Quilts and the fabrics, are nice too.. I learned about what quilting patterns to sue with the size of prints. I try to do small quilt projects by hand and am still learning. | mStorefront is a fully responsive, modern design, and user friendly shopping experience for your INFOR Storefront Commerce solution. Simple, to the point, and easy to understand your explanation of the different quilting techniques. I feel so inadequate when trying to decide on how a quilt should be quilted. Im a country girl and its what I grew up with. My idea was to start the business while still working full-time and then have a nice part- time job when retired from my career. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and close up photos of your beautiful quilts. Thank you so much for all the great information. She is excellent at what she does. I found this information so interesting and helpful. Fabric > Current Collections > Redwork Gatherings Redwork Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Who doesn't love red and white quilts? Love your passion and energy!! Mary. They are very helpful! ♥️. I know it won’t be perfect but we can all aspire to your quilting greatness. Exciting news about upcoming long arm services! I’ve reached the pint where I know I will never have enough time to hand quilt all the tops I have lined up and waiting for their turn. I am so excited for the red work collection, it will be a long summer. Would love to see a post about your thoughts on machines. I am so fortunate to have a cousin that is an award winning long arm quilter that does all my quilt tops for me. I am often at a loss when the LA says what pattern do you want & what color thread. One of the points you made is one that I have just recently begun to realize…that my quilting thread choice should influence my backing choice. Closed, 920-722-7233 Includes the quilting. PRODUCT. Have you ever said this? . Computerized is always great for a quilt where the quilting is not going to be the focal point. To each, her own I say. Your article was very interesting, especially about thread color choice. Enjoyed your insight, Lisa, into your thinking behind the thread color, quilt pattern, etc. Happy quilting. Great job on the descriptions of machine quilting and things to consider when it comes time to quilt your top. I have a long arm machine that is not computerized and have struggled with learning new designs. Redwork Gatherings By Primitive Gatherings. leave me a comment here about your thoughts on any of what I wrote in this post!!! Social It was fun to see the guys at the machines too. Lisa, thank you for the “show n tell” on the quilting of these quilts. Cannot wait to get my fabric! Even though I live in Texas, I would definitely ship a quilt to you guys for quilting. I look forward to more information on your quilters and your quilting service! They do a great job! I have done both your BOM 2018 and SBOW 2018. Thank you for this article. Some things to consider that I didn’t really think about before! I think this quilt with it’s time honored baptist fan quilting was another great choice for this quilt. I’m so glad I don’t live close to either of your stores; I would be broke all the time. Thanks for the great information on quilting and choosing thread. Your “I Think I`m In Love “quilt is awesome! Finishing the quilt is my favorite part of the quilting process (other than shopping for new projects!) Happy birthday Nick! On this quilt we choose to use the light thread…, But…the thread we used was a shade darker then the cream…so it’s invisible on the cream and you can see it on the red…but…it doesn’t scream out on the red…like it would have done if we chose a light thread that was a smidge lighter than our cream or matched exactly to our cream…this quilt has also been washed which helps the stitches sink deeper into the quilt and not lay on top as a freshly quilted quilt might look as it does here…. Thank you for all you do, please wish Nick a happy birthday! Thank you so much for hanging round and commenting on ALL of these posts…Winners will be picked TUESDAY for all the GIVE-AWAYS! We have so many to pick it might take the whole day! I so wish I lived near one of your shops! I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance... . It does show up a little brighter on the reds, but I think we can live with it…This quilt could have been custom quilted, where the quilter would switch threads…quilt red on the red fabrics and cream on the light fabrics…cut custom quilting is a little more expensive and time consuming…so I we also have to base our choice on this as well. Thank you for sharing so much. The blues are batiks, darks, mediums, and lights. | mStorefront is a fully responsive, modern design, and user friendly shopping experience for your INFOR Storefront Commerce solution. It helps when people know the differences in them. Happy Birthday Nick Happy Mother’s Day Lisa . Thank you for taking the time to teach us about it. Your post was full of some very insightful information! All the quilts are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I constantly struggle with choosing thread color and design. All examples and insight on how to finsh is welcome to me. I will be ready to start. I enjoyed this machine quilting post… I really appreciated the thread color suggestions… thank you! Thank you for this post! Hi Lisa- I’m thrilled to hear PG will be a Bernina dealer!! Also love that you are going to be offering long arm quilting. Can you share “where”? I longarm my own quilt, usually pantographed and as my machine is not computerized I do not have an option to scale. The endless possibilities with the stunning antique redwork in this gorgeous collection can be matched by no other. It looks fabulous machine quilted. I really struggle when I get to the quilting stage and you gave such great information. I just finished piecing a Pineapple quilt, dark blue, light blue and cream and have no idea how to quilt it, or what color thread to use. Redwork Gatherings Cream Panel 36"x 58"Primitive Gatherings for Moda - 49110 11 Regular price $12.00 $12.00 Redwork Gatherings Dot Slash Cream Yardage for Moda 49111 11 - PRICE PER 1/2 YARD Hi Robin…just wait…I have considered Christmas and Patriotic…just wait for those posts!!! I liked hearing how you made your choices for the quilt design. All are beautiful! Thanks for all you do, Happy Mothers Day. Thank you! Custom is your feathers and wreaths and most of the time fancy quilting, but not always…it can be simple as well. Long, … The pictures are great and am looking forward to seeing those reds in hand. I have used them often. If you love slow-stitching--and you know I do--the blocks can be stitched, or they can be left as they are. You are spot on with your advice and gave great tips to keep in mind when choosing a thread! Redwork Gatherings-- A treasured antique Redwork quilt inspired a panel that can be used for so many things. I am a newbie and this helped me decide what pattern to use and thread to go with the pattern. Love these red and white quilts! If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Thank you. PS Your sons are very good looking young men – but I’m sure you know that! Birds and Blooms of all kinds decorate … That is the one part of the process that I struggle worth! Great suggestions on blending in vs standing out and when the quilting should make a statement or not. Loved reading your descriptions of various quilting options! She is just plain good at her job. Thank you so much. Your post was very informative. Redwork Gatherings Panel ... About Us Learning Center Podcast Pattern Errata Terms & Conditions Sign Up FAQ. Reading your commentary and seeing the photos of the quilting is really helpful. The Quilter is guiding the machine and is in control of it. Thanks for all you do…. Bird Brain Design's RedWork designs also use many traditional and easy-to-do embroidery stitches to create designs with texture and lots of interest. Choosing the right thread definitely makes or breaks the quilting. Thanks for a chance to win some!!!! Scale again is important…you do not want large spaces between those fans, when the blocks and pieces are smaller scale. Like many, the quilting decisions are the most difficult part of the process. The answer to the last question is NO…I do not think that is what you see when you first view this quilt. ~ Beth. Each one yard panel includes 54 redwork birds and flowers on a cream background to incorporate into a beautiful quilt. I’m excited to know you will be offering computerized quilting services. Woohoo! For instance, my first Moda blockheads would have taken a long time to hand quilt. Featured this Month! Fabric > New Collections > New! I know I need to invest more TIME in the quilting process, especially since I take the time to cut and piece it. What you don’t mention in any of your posts is that this that this collection and these quilts double as Christmas Quilts. They always turn out beautiful. It would be happy if it could sew alittle of your new line before August. I cannot wait to see your new shop in Wisconsin next year!!! Really appreciate your insight on quilting these quilts. Thanks for taking the time to share this, Lisa. Thank you for all of the info on the quilting, it helps a lot to answer a lot of questions! I love that there are so many options when it comes to getting your quilt quilted. PRODUCT. Good to SEE the thread colors difference as well.

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