They have increased to fill in that corner of their yard and have traveled across the street to bloom in a corner of my flower bed — but not in our lawn, which is mostly that dreadful, crabgrass-like zoysia grass.”, In zone-7 Farmville, VA, David Folkes actually prefers the self-sown crocus in his lawn. I set everything up ahead of time so we could make the most of our afternoon. Crocus ancyrensis ‘Golden Bunch’ Zones: 3-8. Let's plant a crocus lawn for her.". Lawn fertilizers are high in nitrogen, which is great for leaves, but the bulbs will need more phosphorous and potassium to keep going and bloom again. Crocus Growing Guide Crop Rotation Group. The flowers bloom in early spring, typically closing at night or on cloudy days and opening up with the morning sun, with many popular hybrids available. Consider the health of the lawn grass as well as the health of the bulb when mowing bulbs in lawn areas. Be sure not to mow until the crocus leaves have faded, about 6 weeks, and organic lawn care only! (My suspicions were correct, but more on that later.) Click here for the latest information on COVID-19 . “I plant only the very small, very early types of crocus in the lawn, such as cultivars of C. tommasinianus and C. chrysanthus. Kathy Purdy January 6, 2013, 11:42 am. Return to Content. I haven’t tried crocus in the lawn. Oct 15, 2020 - Explore Simone Chew's board "Crocus" on Pinterest. Tricolor crocus (Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor'): This plant blooms in late winter to early spring and features bands of lilac, white, and yellow on its petals. I am carrying on this tradition at my new home, and in three short years the lines of my planting have blurred and every spring I am greeted by a carpet that is spreading across my front lawn. My father planted crocus in his lawn 35 years ago and they have spread to a sprawl that is nearly 1/2 acre and is amazingly impressive in the early spring. Jul 30, 2011 - Crocus in lawn. A big box of cheap sandwich bags helped me sort out an even distribution of bulbs. Come summer, she'll have to make do with dandelions and clover. As Bill Andreas of zone-6 Sudbury, MA, explains, “old style lawn care” is best for crocus: “I’d say that the smaller flowered crocus can be quite successfully planted in a lawn that isn’t too thick in partial shade. All photos by Jill M. Nicolaus. Use a small shovel to make a … Of course, when you have bulbs growing in the lawn, you do have to take care during ‘spring clean up’ not to rake, aerate, etc., where they live, and you may need to defer mowing in that area. See more ideas about Crocus, Plants, Flowers. Needless to say, Sunshine Girl took advantage of some warm spring days to play on her Crocus Lawn. The trees help keep the soil drier and the lawn thinner, both of which are advantageous for the crocus. “Years ago we seeded in a new front lawn and planted crocus at the same time. So as for allowing crocus plants to complete their growth cycle, there seems to be more than one way to accomplish it.”, And crocus typically do better in lawns that are thinned by too little sunlight, water, or nutrients. Hopefully it will inspire and guide you in planting a long-lived, ever-more-beautiful crocus lawn of your own. Because of this, crocus bulbs should be planted in direct sunlight or partially shaded areas rather than shaded areas – some gardeners are even planting crocus bulbs in lawn settings. The bulbs sit below your sod, the crocus foliage looks like grass, and by the time you need to mow, the flowers are done and it doesn’t hurt them. No need to register, buy now! 5. My heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to Sunshine Girl's crocus lawn and to everybody who has celebrated with us since her arrival! I am a big fan of naturalizing bulbs and have been doing it for years, ever since I was a kid (there are still vast carpets of spring flowers around the old family home, now belonging to my brother, that I planted 50 years ago!). You should not need to deadhead the flower stalks in the spring, after blooming. I think the grass simply became too competitive as well. Apr4. Planting Crocus Bulbs in the Lawn . For autumn blooming crocuses, plant bulbs in late summer. I have a patch of lawn that is about 200 square feet, with a walkway along one side and the neighbor's lawn on the other. In the end, I ordered over three thousand crocus bulbs! Use a small shovel to make a shallow cut into the grass, then lift up a flap of sod. About crocus Mass plantings of colorful crocuses herald the start of spring, … Celebrate the coming of spring with an unforgettable display. About | Usually late winter to early spring blooming varieties are the most common for naturalizing in a lawn. Jason told us that MoBot plants an additional 5,000-10,000 corms in their Crocus Lawn every fall. Crocus blooming in my back lawn. The only problem was I had to carry buckets of water all winter for the crocus. any readers told us that small, early-blooming species crocus did well in their lawns, especially Crocus tommasinianus, affectionately known as tommies. Note the snow in the background. The crocus varieties are at least C. tommasinianus and possibly C. chrysanthus as well.” (Opinions on C. chrysanthus are mixed; see below. A retired farmer in zone-5 Ionia, MI, told us: “Six years ago I planted daffodils and crocus in lawn grass beneath a long row of mature basswood trees. One patch is at least 15 feet in diameter forming a nice lavender lawn. They’re not very thick, for the most part. Early foraging bees appreciate their nectar as … But don’t forget that annual rainfall varies widely across the US — St. Louis gets a lot less than Boston but much more than Denver — and that all bulbs need water when they’re in active growth, from fall (when they start new roots) through bloom. (Did you consider that: could squirrels be your nemesis??) bloom in the fall, winter or spring, depending on the variety, in hues of purple, white, yellow, blue and bi-colored. They look best when planted in clumps or drifts, as they would be found growing in the wild. “Tommies are the most squirrel-resistant,” he said, probably because they have alkaloids in their corms that other crocus lack. Common Pests and Diseases . 6. Anything that kills weed sedges (which grow from corms) will also kill crocus, Jason explained. Buffalo grass grows only about 6 inches tall, so it doesn’t have to be mowed if you don’t want to. Buy firm, undamaged bulbs. “It seems to work best for the earliest bloomers. Tag Archives: crocus lawn The crocus meadow. “Unfortunately, in our wonderful, wet climate [in zone-8 La Conner, WA], the lawn grew too fast — faster than the crocuses! I thought back to the sweeps of bright blooms we'd seen in Amsterdam last spring and said "Crocus bulbs! Long gone before the mower comes out Next in the crocus parade is the Dutch or Giant Crocus (Crocus vernus, C. flavus). Image 9821103. Crocus are one of the first flowers to bloom each spring. So now you know as much as we do. Calling it a crocus meadow might be overselling things a bit, but I like to think of my little plantings last fall as the start of something bigger…. There are a few shurbs against the house, but that's all that is in the front yard. One person used a shovel to pry up flaps of sod, and the other person knelt down and placed the bulbs. We learned a lot, and though we won’t tell you that all crocus will thrive in all lawns, there are more possibilities than we thought — if you know what you’re doing. It has leaves which very much resemble crocus… Dog tooth violets (erythroniums), snake's head … Species Crocus, commonly known as Snow Crocus, date back to before the 18th century, native to Europe, North Africa and western Asia.They are the earliest Crocus to flower, sometimes at the same time as Galanthus; if not, soon thereafter.Blooming about two weeks before their Large Flowering siblings, Species Crocus are best for early spring lawn tapestries: hold off mowing the lawn … Quick and easy way to plant a large quantity of bulbs in the lawn. Plant bulbs in groups or clusters rather than spacing them in a single line along a walkway or … MoBot doesn’t mow their lawn till surprisingly late — mid-July, Jason told us, and some years not at all. Here’s what he told us about their glorious Crocus Lawn: 1. Plant crocus bulbs in late autumn or even early winter and come spring you'll get to enjoy lots of sumptuous early colour. Perhaps it is climate; perhaps it is the lack of manmade chemicals on our small yard; goodness knows I’d be surprised if the secret is the clay soil. In the lawn of my 1916 Craftsman bungalow, the crocus are in full sun, but the lawn is kind of thin in that area. The MoBot crocus lawn is never watered. Media Kit | Previous Next. The traditional, larger, later-flowering “Dutch” crocus, C. vernus, seem to have a harder time in lawns, though see the advice below from the Missouri Botanical Garden. Move your mouse over images and links for more information (let the cursor hover for a few seconds, and a popup caption will appear). Contact Us | We took Laverne’s advice and called our friend Jason Delaney, senior outdoor horticulturist at the Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the world’s premier public gardens. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] Not surprisingly, Jason endorsed C. tommasinianus, including its named forms such as ‘Ruby Giant’. The plant foliage, basal, grass-like leaves with a central white stripe, turns yellow as plants go dormant several weeks after bloom. Not only did that let the bulbs plump up again, I am hoping we'll also have more bulbs (and more blooms) for next year. I turned to my favorite bulb suppliers to see if they had any good deals. We’re not kidding. Cut a rectangular flap about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide into the lawn … These include snowdrops, crocuses and squill. Drive through our neighborhoods any early March day and you will find them in lawns everywhere!”. Mowing probably holds them back, too. Because crocus grow from bulbs buried deeply in the soil, you won't be able to eliminate the plants with herbicides. Two crocus lawns that our readers told us about are so remarkable that people flock to see them every spring. First of all, it takes hundreds of bulbs to make a good face — not cheap. You may even grow them in your lawn where they will add a bright twinkle to the awakening grass. “I’ve not planted them there myself,” he wrote, “but I’ve had a few of the smaller specie crocus seed themselves into the thin, surrounding lawn from an adjacent flower bed. Plant a crocus lawn! Many years ago a neighbor planted some C. tommasinianus in grass on a small rise across the street. But despite the work, I loved my ‘crocus lawn’!”. We're truly blessed! All photos by Jill M. Nicolaus. This seems to be true of the other lawns I see them in, too.”, Back east in zone-7/8 Arlington, VA, Julia Tanner wrote: “Here near the Potomac River, many lawns (including ours) sport crocus that come back year after year. mark the arrival of spring. Several major storms dropped a blanket of snow on our yard, and I could just imagine crocuses popping up under the snow. Choose the right site. 2. Top tip! Herbicides may kill the top leaves, but it won't affect the bulbs that are several inches … That seems like a lot until you realize that they are very small bulbs that can be planted a handful at a time. Entdecke hier weitere Bilder. The first step was to choose the varieties we wanted and order the bulbs. Bloom time: Late winter to early spring. Plant a crocus lawn! I know they leave the grass grow for awhile and have to put out a little sign saying why it isn’t being cut.”. Although my basic motivation for this is to crowd out weed seedlings and to resist drought with bigger grass plants, I’m assuming it also allows more crocus leaves to remain as well. If you fertilize your lawn with a turf fertilizer, supplement the area with a bulb fertilizer. I really do get the “snowmelt bulb” effect in my lawn! Since I couldn't leave metal markers sticking up in the lawn, I displayed them at the edge of a nearby bed. But those same two hundred bulbs clustered in a 4 or 5 foot diameter circle would have stunning visual impact.I could have mixed all my bags of bulbs together for a calico effect, but I wanted clumps of individual colors like a Persian carpet. Then we'd reach into one bag at a time to pull out a handful of bulbs for each clump. Crocus grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through … Naturalizing bulbs is a terrific way to brighten up lawns. Linda Wallpe reported: “Here crocus do just fine planted in grass. This fall, i'm planting crocus in my lawn. Mission | The later bloomers get mowed too soon to do well long term. A retired farmer in zone … This is a great deal higher than most people like to cut their lawns. But eventually the enthusiastic claims of some other bulb-sellers made us start to wonder if maybe we were missing something. Every spring, by the time the weather is warm enough to start mowing the grass, Crocus … If they have bloomed and you know they are that is that, but a more common bulb which is a lawn weed is Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogallum umbellatum). That’s because in our experience the only lawns they ever thrived in were (a) in photos, (b) in Europe where lawns are often as short as putting greens, or (c) in thin, scruffy lawns shaded by trees — and only Crocus tommasinianus seemed truly happy there. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the, The Three 'C's' Among Fall-flowering Bulbs: Colchicum, Crocus and Cyclamen. Read articles about: Bulbs, Crocus, Naturalizing, Tutorial, Better known as "Critter" on DG, Jill lives in Frederick, MD, where she tries to fit as many plants as possible into a suburban back yard. Crocus is a genus comprising about 90 species of perennial, early spring blooming corms. They do very well there, indeed. I suspect benign neglect allows them to flourish since the turf is far from the thick sod that is such a desired element in many American gardens.”. By all means! Excellent. I planted the remaining bulbs over the weekend, and then there was nothing to do but wait for spring. “I also seem to be having some success with crocus in a very different type of lawn at my neighborhood library branch where I volunteer. How to Plant a Crocus in a Lawn 1. A sure sign of spring, crocuses have low-growing, colorful, cup-shaped flowers that are a welcome sight in garden beds and lawns. Janet Cushman of zone-6/7 Oak Ridge, TN, wrote: “Though I haven’t planted crocus in lawns, I’ve had Crocus tommasinianus in a flower bed above a low retaining wall seed itself into the lawn below. Sophia says: ‘In the spring my front garden is full of crocus blooms. Entdecke hier weitere Bilder. OK, it was still a lot. I tossed some fertilizer around, and we didn't cut the grass in that area until the foliage started to fade. The easy way to plant them in a lawn is to put them just under the sod. Advertise | “I’ve seen old lawns in the [zone-8] Seattle area covered with crocus,” wrote Deirdre Zema. Feeding. They are ‘Dutch’ crocus, not species, and they grow mostly in part shade, in lawn that we never use chemicals on because of the children, pets, and wildlife. Don’t water. Crocus flowers come in Easter egg colors of purple, … Lawn fertilizers are high in nitrogen, which is great for leaves, but the bulbs will need more phosphorous and potassium to … I actually like the crocus better in the lawn where they have to compete with the grass and don’t make such thick clumps as they do in the bed. Mow VERY late. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. We could have picked just one variety and planted it densely for the effect that was common in Amsterdam, but it was too hard to choose a single favorite. Place a cluster of bulbs pointy end up, an inch or two apart. Find the perfect crocus lawn stock photo. Naturalizing, Spring Bulbs, Crocus, Narcissus, Scilla, Galanthus, Anemones Naturalizing bulbs is a terrific way to brighten up lawns. Are they really crocus? These … Taller, at a stately 4-6 inches, they are ideal for naturalizing in lawns. Here in Chicagoland crocus do fabulously, especially in the lawns. Crocus like well-drained soil in a partial to full sun location. We found that we could not leave the lawn unmowed until all of the foliage had matured, and so we always mowed off some of the yet-green leaves. Because crocus grow from bulbs buried deeply in the soil, you won't be able to eliminate the plants with herbicides. even though right now its main function seems to be rabbit buffet. Crocus Varieties for Lawns. One of the great delights of spring is a grassy area peppered with the jewel-like colours of flowering bulbs. Average garden soil with excellent drainage. Where it’s less thick, two or three crocus have persisted, but all the rest disappeared within a few years.”, Lawn overwhelmed the crocus in Nancy Crowell’s yard, too. This got me wondering, though: just how hardy are crocuses? By Palm Sunday, a bright carpet of blooms could be seen from up and down the block. Feb 26, 2019 - Crocus (Crocus spp.) Push firmly, using the gauge on the side to ensure that it reaches a depth of 5cm. Which means I’ll be planting these showy members of the iris family, Iridaceae, all over my lawn come fall.. As you may have noticed, another key to success with crocus in the lawn is to avoid mowing their foliage so it can recharge the bulbs. Plant the right crocus. Back to the top May 5, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Annette Whayn-Haling. See what you think, maybe experiment with a handful in your own lawn, and if you’d like to add to the discussion, email us at Small bulbs that bloom in early spring may die back before time for the first mowing. Scattering crocus corms in the lawn. So here’s the evidence and advice. As garden fairies slept under shrubs nearby, I planted 1,100 Crocus corms, specifically several varieties of Crocus tommasinianus, in my back lawn, the Green Sea. I marked off the area I wanted to plant with flag stakes, creating a grid of squares about 4 feet on each side. As we expected, several readers told us that crocus in their lawns had failed. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use, Rules, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Crocus bulbs can be purchased and planted in the late summer through to late autumn for spring blooming. C. sieberi. 6a Ohio, lots of crocus blooms in the area as the snow melts, long before the first mow.... Grape Hyacinth have already invaded similarly, I think the crocus … In areas of grass, choose bulbs that complete their growing and flowering early, such as crocus. My outside hose was always frozen then, and we got very little moisture from the sky ever. Crocus bulbs are small and only need to be planted about 3” deep, so it’s easy to plant a lot of them in a very short amount of time. Some years it is more spectacular than others, but in February every gardener in town is very grateful for the sight.”, And Laverne Boehmke of zone-6/7 Saint Louis, MO, tipped us off to a celebrated public planting: “I have never planted crocus in my lawn, but each spring I enjoy the Crocus Lawn at the Missouri Botanical Garden in Saint Louis. I did have to mow it very low in late fall so the crocuses would show up when they bloomed in spring, and it didn’t green up until late May. Plant their corms under a tree or in a turf lawn. Happily, several of my DG friends offered to come over and help plant, so we had a "crocus planting luncheon" last fall. The town where I live will not ... read more. Crocuses are susceptible to viruses, which can cause distortions, streaking, and buds that fail to open. Tragic, really, but the grass was just too vigorous.”, In dry, zone-6/7 Boise, ID, the species crocus in Margaret Lauterbach’s lawn faced a different problem: squirrels. “Some caveats, however: I mow my lawn at the highest possible setting, around 3 1/2”. When planting a square, we'd load up a shoebox with one bag of each variety. 0. Choose from purples, whites, creams and yellows, in lots of shades, slashed through with pretty orange, purple and brown markings. Planting Crocuses in the lawn October 22, 2012 Crocuses blooming in the lawn spring of 2012 As garden fairies slept under shrubs nearby, I planted 1,100 Crocus corms, specifically several varieties of Crocus tommasinianus, in my back lawn… Grass is looking unkempt by then but we’re reluctant to deprive bulb-foliage of the chance to mature. Not all crocus spread by seed, but some do so eagerly. Crocus on a lawn V Foto & Bild von Markus Branse ᐅ Das Foto jetzt kostenlos bei anschauen & bewerten. Growing from bulb-like structures called corms, crocuses are low-growing perennial plants from the iris (Iridaceae) family. Do any of you fine folks do this? Since crocus bulbs are so small, they only need an inch or two or soil on top of them. The easy way to plant them in a lawn is to put them just under the sod.

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