The Portland metropolitan area was ranked America's 23rd largest urban area. 9 Oregon Swimming Holes That Will Make Your Summer Epic. 7. At some point you see a rather long, rather straight, rather round log lying from bank’s-edge-to-bank’s-edge across the river, 15 or so feet above it. For our full overview of this great river, read Clackamas River Fishing. Upstream, a stone totem stands guard over two clear-to-the-bottom pools that eventually squeeze into a kind of natural waterslide. Target water on the Clackamas is found from River Mill Dam downstream, including the Eagle Creek tributary. Distance from Portland: 50 minutes Despite (invalidated) rumors of ghostly underwater cemeteries at Forest Grove’s 1,113-acre dammed lake, it’s one of Portland’s best spots for recreational water sports, with picnic areas, 13 miles of hiking trails, and two boat launches. Loading ... Kayaking Clackamas River near Estacada, Oregon July 15, 2007 - Duration: 2:10. Hike through gorgeous stands of old-growth fir, serenaded by a chorus of croaking frogs and willow flycatchers to the edge of the lake’s spectacular emerald waters—waters so clear you’ll be able to see every rock and log (and sometimes fish) beneath the placid surface. Enjoy Rafting in Clackamas River, Portland, Oregon, USA. The Park provided reusable trash bags and trash drop point mid-way & at the end. The river is not as large as the Clackamas River however there are a few spots that would be good for swimming. A wall of water, 200 feet across, gushes from 43 feet high into a turquoise plunge pool big enough to shelter Shamu. This tributary of the lower Clackamas River has fair and occasionally very good fishing for hatchery winter steelhead from about December to February. 249th St. Battle Ground, WA Swimming holes dot the Clackamas River -- which runs from the Cascade Mountains into the Willamette River near Portland -- but perhaps some of the closest swimming spots … Summer’s here and that means searching for the perfect spot to cool down. Clackamas River. We promise not to annoy you, but if you wish, you may unsubscribe at any time. All rights reserved. Nylon sturgeon leader. LOWER CLACKAMAS RIVER ADVENTURE: 9:15 AM to 12:30 PM* LOWER CLACKAMAS RIVER ADVENTURE: Distance from Portland: 1 hour The utility player of swimming holes, 387-acre Moulton Falls Regional Park has something for everyone: Instagram-worthy falls surrounded by plentiful flat rocks for playing lizard in the sun, inviting flat water upstream, two miles of trails tracing the Lewis River’s banks, and a three-story arch bridge daredevils (illegally) leap off. Popular swimming holes near Portland, like High Rocks on the Clackamas River, won't be staffed with lifeguards this summer. Keep booze et al out of Park Ranger sight on drop in/pull out points. Distance from Portland: 3 hoursWith million-dollar panoramas of Seattle’s skyline rising against the Olympic Mountains, Kirkland is rich in more than just vistas. You brake hard and park in a handy gravel pull-out next to a path heading, it looks like, down to the river. Cliff jumping. This is among the most popular rafting trips in northern Oregon due to it's proximity to Portland, great whitewater, camping opportunities, and classic Pacific Northwest scenery. And once your adventure’s over, your trip home is only an hour—barely enough time for a single “Are we there yet?”. You can jump cliffs here, and enjoy a wonderful Basalt canyon that funnels the waters into a slow moving slot, creating a series of lovely pools. Everything you need to know for a successful fishing trip to Clackamas River - top places for fishing, the best fishing techniques, and the latest fishing reports. Alder Flat Hiking and Swimming – Mt Hood National Forest. Best Secret Oregon Swimming Hole #4: CLACKAMAS RIVER Once the youth tucker out, catch the sunset from the Eye of the Needle sculpture on the lake’s eastern shore, or drive to the nearby South Jetty to watch it set over the Pacific. Enjoy bird watching, swimming in the Clackamas River and picking wild berries. Distance from Portland: 3 hours and 15 minutesDon’t even bother packing your iPhone when you go to Waldo Lake. RV dumping 3 miles away. This is a much small river than the Clackamas but still offers the nice sound of running water at night and place to cool off during the hotter summer months. There are no wading spots -- if you are in the river you are swimming. Also, the plentiful swimming spots make this a great way to get out and play in the river, while you keep an eye out for Osprey flying overhead. Deep pools. But the establishment of the 34,365-acre Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation Area in 1998 preserved more than just habitat for our feathered friends. Nestled amid a Washington state forest, Battle Ground Lake is a bit colder than it’s river counterparts, but beautiful. The Clackamas River runs along Alder Flats: How to get there: NEW! Read more. Take the four-mile round trip up Chinidere Mountain for a close-up of Hood. On the Clackamas River in Gladstone, right off Highway 205, it’s a popular spot and is often busy during the hottest parts of the day. You’ll need a person-powered craft, like one of the paddleboats for rent outside the 1950s-esque General Store, to gain the best view of Hood’s perfect peak—from the middle of the lake—because no motorized craft are allowed. Lakeside campsites are plentiful, and hiking options—including a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail—abound. By Whether the “flat” in Alder Flat refers to the 40-foot-long stone and sand beach or the quality of the blue-green Clackamas River stretching slowly around a bend, we don’t know. (The lack of signage certainly helps.) Easily accessible from many locations. Golf 0.8 miles away, Portland is 25 miles from camp. But once you’ve conquered this challenge, your worldly worries melt away as you settle into your own little slice of Oregon splendor. Salmon River The Salmon River has numerous secluded swimming holes along its banks. LOWER CLACKAMAS RIVER ADVENTURE: 9:15 AM to 12:30 PM* LOWER CLACKAMAS RIVER ADVENTURE: TROUTDALE -- Lifeguards will return to the Sandy River beaches at Glenn Otto Community Park and to High Rocks on the Clackamas River on May 25, officials said today. Descend a winding staircase through hemlock, Pacific yew, and huckleberry to reach the glassy waters. It’s about more than standing on the mountain top. I believe the coho are waiting for rain to swim up Eagle Creek. Distance from Portland: 45 minutesA little over two miles into the iconic Eagle Creek trail, hikers find refuge by scrambling down to the oft-photographed, bowl-shaped pool, fed by a powerful, 36-foot waterfall. Lucky for you, we’ve put together some of Oregonians’ favorite swimming holes so you don’t have to wrack your brain trying come up with a bucket list yourself. Shrouds of firs and pines offer prime fort-building terrain for the kids (and a welcome contrast to the scarred slopes of clear-cut you’ll pass on the way here) and ring the 175-foot-deep emerald waters. Firs, ferns, and alder trees line the lush riverbanks, where just a few swim strokes away a trio of basalt boulders beckon from the middle of the river, gently, insistently, singing their siren song: cannonball! Mt. 60lb Ande, 90lb. I must mention the safety factor!!!!! Keenig Creek Campground is located just off the Wilson River Highway, 18 miles east of Tillamook, Oregon. Outdoor Project may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers. Spawning in the Clackamas River has been on the rise since 1980. And from our river access sites, you can launch your watercraft for up to 13 miles of class II-IV whitewater rapids, take in the canyon’s grand views or just enjoy the mountain-fed waters of the Wild and Scenic Upper Clackamas. There is no fee. Hood Territory. Clackamas River: TYPE: River: DESCRIPTION: Swimming places near Portland on the cold, clear, clean Clackamas River. Sky diving available 1 mile away. The Narrows is a unique spot where the river becomes pinched by this now eroding igneous rock, and the current subsequently slows as the riverbed deepens. Hood, west into the Willamette River … swimming on Clackamas River. The lower river sections are better for this, as most of these fish turn up toward the federal hatchery on Eagle Creek. It’s surrounded by trees, picnic spots, restrooms, a few hiking trails, and you can even fish for trout in the lake! Sky diving available 1 mile away. Details: Green Sturgeon with a Squid, shimano ulua tales rod. Once through there is some respite until the 9.3-mile point and there for … Distance from Portland: 2 hoursRarely does a buttery-smooth paved road and a five-minute jaunt from the car lead to a densely forested lakeside retreat free of RVs and motorboats. What’s more certain is that you’ll rarely have to share. Travel light for a day of basking, swimming, and fishing, or pack a tent and stay the night. The Clackamas River corridor is a mecca for outdoor recreation just outside of Portland. Salmon River The Salmon River has numerous secluded swimming holes along its banks. The Clackamas is a fantastic steelhead river … 18002 N.E. Flat rocks flank the pristine basin, dense foliage conceals it from the road, and a fish ladder carved into the bedrock beside the low-slung falls offers prime scrambling territory. Penn senator 4/0. Children and non swimmers need supervision at all times. High Rocks may have lifeguards during peak times, not sure. The Clackamas River is located to the west of the Cascade Range and to the south of the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon. The increase in spawning is closely associated with increased returns of adults to the Clackamas Hatchery. Please respect the outdoors by practicing Leave No Trace. Looks aweseome. The Clackamas River is an approximately 83-mile (134 km) tributary of the Willamette River in northwestern Oregon, in the United States.Draining an area of about 940 square miles (2,435 km 2), the Clackamas flows through mostly forested and rugged mountainous terrain in its upper reaches, and passes agricultural and urban areas in its lower third. If things get tight—and they sometimes do, owing to the river’s proximity to Eugene—simply drive a few miles farther to find a secluded patch of your own to call home. Click for PDF Directions Map of this Hike A majority of hatchery-produced fish return to the river after two or three years in the ocean. Two spots in particular draw paddlers. But getting there involves following an unsigned, overgrown path that doesn’t exist on most topographic maps. It’s about nourishment and learning. Oregon is known for its beautiful waterways, but the Salmon River might be among the most breathtaking. Distance from Portland: 40 minutesThis 154-acre park sprawled along the shores of the Lewis River holds acres of grassy expanse ripe for wheelbarrow races, plus picnic tables, barbecue shelters, playgrounds, a baseball field, and, of course, several swimming holes. It is a rustic site, located above the Wilson River, adjacent to Keenig Creek. Ripplebrook Campground is less than a mile past … Enjoy bird watching, swimming in the Clackamas River and picking wild berries. Clackamas River Steelhead Fishing. Distance from Portland: 40 minutesOn Sauvie Island’s northeastern shores, the sandy, 1-mile stretch along the Columbia River makes for a quick, refreshing dip. At about 35 miles from downtown Portland, it doesn’t take long at all to get to the river. Look for sweet spots 1.4, 3.5, and 11 miles east of Lane County’s Westfir Covered Bridge, with protected pools of super-clear water and big boulders for sunbathing and lounging. © 2020 Outdoor Project. Clackamas River. The Best Winter Adventures in North America. Clackamas. For one thing, you probably won’t get service in this secluded basin, one of the world’s purest alpine lakes and the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. The entire river valley is worth exploration, but two idyllic swimming holes can be found near Cave Junction: Illinois River Forks State Park (where the river’s east and west forks converge) and Store Gulch Campground.

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