If it were as easy as compatible destiny numbers, you might as well be the exact same person as anyone born on the same day! However, you do have strong desires both for companionship and for love, and there is no reason for you to let these go unfulfilled. Individuals with a master number should be aware of the meaning and importance of their life path number, and they should also learn the positive and negative aspects. As a simple example, if your Life Path Number is a 2, but the rest of your numbers are all 9s, you will find yourself relating more to the Number 9. For example, when I was going to college I had an hour drive from home each day to get there, the route I had to take was North 11 through Kentucky. You can do the most good in the world by taking advantage of your spiritual strength to guide others towards a happier life. It offers insight about the core of your personality, and will also give you a greater understanding of the pathway to success in your life. There is no shame in it, and no reason to deny its importance in your life or in the world at large. - Discover the meaning of numbers in Numerology- So, what does life path number 11 signify? I feel like I see the wolrd more in a metaphorical way,I see a lot of moments of my life or small daily situations as story like...i dont really know how to explain...like in a movie...hmm can anyone understand?^^ (but maybe this is all just my imagination...oh yeah I also have a very very crazy, almost out of this world imagination, kind of metaphysical, like you mentioned above) I feel sometimes alone in this way of experiencing the world because no one or very few people see the world in a mystical, magical, fairytale like way as me. If you were born into this numbers vibration, your life is a spiritual journey. She was the only person who could understand me and also saw the world in a spiritual way... Hello I am also an 11 and see things the way you describe. A note: remember, as always, that numerological compatibility is not a substitute for the “human factor” that makes all of us unique. You are extremely skilled at transmitting your cosmic consciousness into art, and are not afraid to create works that other people find avant-garde or bizarre. You value harmony, and become extremely distressed when those around you are upset, because you pick up so easily on their psychic wavelengths. Also, for years I have seen 11:23 and 11:11 countless times when I looked at the clock. Linguistically inclined 11s are very good translators and interpreters, and those drawn to interpersonal work do well in public relations and marketing. Tags: 11, felicia bender, life path, master number, Master Number 11, master numbers, number 11, number eleven, Numerology Comments: 0 If you have the Master Number 11 anywhere in your chart, on top of the basic characteristics of the Number 2 , you have … Involving yourself with people who have a variety of viewpoints will also prevent you from slipping into hyper-moralist or even cult-like behaviour, which is something that some 11s are at risk of. Sadness is an emotion that absolutely all people have felt on occasion. Such a job can give you some measure of stability, as well as providing you a forum in which to do work that improves the world, and the value of this cannot be understated. In Numerology, when you see double-digit numbers that repeat the same number (such as 11, 22, 33 and so on), these are considered Master Numbers. 11’s numerology is already naturally set on a path towards fulfillment, and the majority of 11s will have a strong intuitive sense, naturally, of what they must do in order to become fulfilled and happy in their lives. They are typically appealing and steadfast, and they put generous exertion into making a relationship work. You should also cultivate a strong group of friends, ideally a group that has a wide variety of different philosophical and spiritual approaches to life. 11s are also well-suited to paths of mystical and spiritual teaching. The Life Path 11 is a route of spiritual relationship. Life Path Number 11. life path number 11 by jak3, released 30 august 2017 1. intro pt.1 2. intro pt.2 ft. stonedogg 3. pain in my brain 4. Please read the description of the 2 Life Path, because that is the foundational energy that defines your life’s purpose.. Master Number 11 Life Path. As mentioned earlier, the master number 11 in Numerology, involves charisma and magnetism, ensuring that people with master number 11 can effortlessly gaze into the depths of people and be allowed to do so. Master Numbers can be further reduced to single-digit numbers (11 to 2, 22 to 4, and 33 to 6), so you may have some qualities of the corresponding single-digit number complementing the qualities you possess from your Master Number. You also posted it at 1:11, you sir are a genuine Magician. Ive always aloud my over active subconscious intuition to guide me, thought I may not always listen do to self doubt. In any relationship, seek to be open and honest about your feelings, your thoughts, and how you feel about the relationship. On the downside, having the destiny number 11 can dispose you to anxiety and fear, because you are so regularly faced with cosmic truth. Number 11’s meaning of wisdom and inspiration will carry you safely through difficult times, provided you are willing to put your trust in your Life Path Number. You are very good at listening to people and genuinely hearing their concerns, which is why people are so drawn to you as a confidante, making you an excellent counsellor. You are blessed with great inner strength, and can finish anything you start and set your mind to. Overall, an 11 can find the greatest happiness by embracing, rather than denying, the spiritual and mystical depths of her true self. Knowing the number 11’s meaning can help you develop a lifestyle that is more consistent with your personal, internal desires and goals. Master Number 11’s Life Path, Compatibility, & Destiny Meanings In the spiritual significance of numbers, 11 is considered a Master Number. You can also struggle with a relationship with a 5 – the two of you are initially quite drawn to each others’ creativity, but 5 has difficulty settling down, and has a very cerebral approach to romance that doesn’t tap into 11’s natural emotionality. There is a difference between the numbers 11 and 2, 22 and 4, and 33 and 6. If interested, your Numerology Blueprint is included along with your Core Number calculations and definitions in a free Numerology Chart Summary. Number 11 feels in tune with nature and the world around them. The Healer. 4u ft. freddie dredd 5. out my mind ft. trashman 6. crowded interlude 7. fuckedup_7 8. hearin' voices ft. mista frvst 9. wired 10. thotiana 11. stuck at the bottom ft. trashman 12. retard_9 13. shermstick_62 14. idk where i am intermission 15. Hey guys! People with 11 life path number have the ability to be magical and impressive with their skills and capabilities. Cultivate your relationships with others in a meaningful way, building strong connections with your friends and your potential partner by practicing opening up to them both emotionally and intellectually. You are also the most spiritually and mystically inclined, because your great sense of intuition connects you to higher powers so easily. Life Path Number 11: Personality. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You are very good at communicating your needs with each other – you speak the same language. Final Thoughts The numerology definition of 11 can seem anachronistic in our secular modern world, because of its incredible focus on the Life Path number 11 on spirituality and religion. The numerology definition of 11 can seem anachronistic in our secular modern world, because of its incredible focus on the Life Path number 11 on spirituality and religion. Especially suited to the talents of the 11 is work that involves communicating opinions between two people or groups with different worldviews. Life Path Number 11 – Highest Path You are also very passionate, and will give your whole self to your partner, doing everything in your power and more to make them happy. My birthday is 8-6-1986. Every action you take has a strong motivation in your thirst of discovering the mysteries of the Universe. You would make a very good religious leader or counsellor, assuming that you can find a single religious path that satisfies you completely. Hello my name is Joshua David Reed. Numerology is based on universal numbers; for example 2021 is known as the 5 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 =14) (14 = 1+4 = 5) as well as your own personal life path number. The other two Master Numbers are 22 and 33. Denying it will only strain you, while accepting its importance can bring you to an even greater place of joy and enlightenment. Harry Houdini March 24, 1874Ronald Reagan February 6, 1911Hans C. Anderson April 2, 1805Michael Jordan February 17, 1963Orlando Bloom January 13, 1977Bill Clinton Aug. 19, 1946Michelle Obama January 17, 1964Prince William June 21, 1982, Robert Downey Jr April 4, 1965Annie Lennox December 25, 1954David Beckham May 2, 1975Edgar Allan Poe January 19, 1809Wolfgang A. Mozart Jan. 27, 1756Lucy Liu December 2, 1968. You know you’re different, you don’t need other people to tell you that. I recently discovered that both my life path and my soul urge numbers are master number 11. Life Path 11 is one of the most difficult, because it's components and the sum of two numbers are opposite to each other. You are a sincere and faithful lover, and cannot (and must not) enter a relationship casually or without spiritual commitment. Because 11s, especially those who also have a strong influence from 2, are excellent communicators, you would also be very successful in work that involves communications. Try to take note of what you are doing at that exact point when you see these repeating numbers, that often holds the answers , Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. You should also seek a partner who encourages you to open up and share your feelings, as this is something many 11s struggle to do with others. In numerology 11 is the first of the three Master Numbers (the other two are 22 and 33). Not sure if the former holds any significance, but I will be recording every time this happens. Life path number 11 describes a powerful person who can achieve anything in life. You will be much more fulfilled if you are willing to accept that that is something that is more important to you than money, fame, or any of the other trappings of success that appeal to other life path numbers. There is only one correct way to calculate your Life Path number. You inspire people, but without your conscious effort. Hope the same for all of you! If your life path number is 11, you should not have negative thoughts. In Numerology, the Master Numbers are the 11, 22, and 33, and these, along with the single digits 1-9, are the only possible Life Path numbers. Im not sure if this is true for everyone but it is for me and can be quite scary especially when others sense it and see it and come to me for guidance just on the energy that I generate. Friday 13th: Is It Really an Unlucky Friday or Just Vain Superstition, Life Path Number 11 in Careers and Business, Finding Fulfillment on Life Path Number 11. 11 is best suited to relationships with 2s, since 2 and 11 are intensely connected numbers. Communication is crucial in any relationship, and doubly so for an 11, who can sometimes become caught up in the mystical world and have difficulty relating to people on the ground. The Life Path number, also known as the “destiny number,” is the number that results from the numerological reduction of your date of birth. You will only remain unfulfilled if you allow yourself to be halted by fear or doubt. You need stable, steady people in order to give you a solid foundation from which to achieve great things. It is by acting that you can find great success. They just tend to notice the power of it do to being an 11. The Life Path Number 11 is considered as the Master Number and most impulsive among all other numbers. If you have this number you are likely more spiritually aware, a visionary, inspiring, charismatic, inventive, a dreamer, idealistic, and a deep thinker, and you rely on faith rather than logic to deal with the life and all it has to offer. This means that some 11s can be taken in by leaders who talk a good game but have slippery views of morality. Altruism is extremely important to you, and will be your greatest source of fulfillment in your life. Share it to share the advice contained here with other people who share your Life Path number! Required fields are marked *. Those have been important fixtures of human society since time immemorial, but the modern Western culture has increasingly replaced them with scientific and logical knowledge. Life path number 11 means that you easily get stressed and depressed. With an 11 Life Path, you galvanize every situation you enter. Each aspect of your Numerology Chart is defined by a number ranging from 1 to 9. These numbers have added mystical meaning, and are extremely auspicious for those born under them. How will you harness your destiny number’s natural energy to fulfill your goals and reach your dreams? This is why so many 11s tend to go into the arts – you find fulfillment in art, and find a way to do it – the money you make off of it only needs to be enough to allow you to keep doing it. Popular. Im an Aquarius cusp Capricorn in astrology which holds powerful intuition. Don’t be afraid that people will think that you’re strange – people who think you’re strange don’t belong in your life anyway, and you only save time by cutting them out immediately rather than trying to hide your true self to keep them around. Hello, I got Master 11, but then again, I am being called by someone or something out there.... to come there, I don't know where "there" is yet, all I know is that it is calling me off the planet, not in death, but by physically moving off the planet and traveling hundreds of thousands of light years out in the verse to figure out who or what is calling me..... Hello can life path 11 suite a life path 8 in a relationship, Hi, if your Life Path is Master number 11 you would look at the compatibility between 2 and 8 ... which is considered very good : ) https://seventhlifepath.com/life-path-number-compatibility-2-8/. Master number 11 do not find peace is not in logic, but in faith. 11s are not the only oneswho see the recurring 11 sequence, it is for everyone you see them when the spiritual world needs and wants you to notice something within you or around you.. Your Life Path, although most influential of all the numbers, is but one of many numbers that together form your entire Numerology Chart, providing us with your overall Numerology Blueprint. People with life path number 11 and life path number 22 should first discover themselves and their potential so then they can give knowledge and help others. The 11 is a Master Number and as such has great potential, but is also more demanding. Most 11s deal with this gracefully, but it is a great burden to carry, especially for a young 11, and traumatic psychic experiences in childhood may haunt you into adulthood. https://seventhlifepath.com/life-path-number-compatibility-2-8/. By being aware of some of the tendencies – even the pitfalls – of 11, you can avoid the negative parts of this destiny number, and stay on track with the positive ones, leading to a well-rounded and highly successful overall life experience, especially in your relationships. Intentionally cultivate communication to ensure strong relationships. After reading up on this for days, I can say that I definitely identify. You want to do good in the world, and improve the lives of others, whether that’s through the creation of art, religious counselling, or a more grounded field like teaching children or giving people medical attention. This is just one of the many ways 1111 finds its way into my life that are beyond my control or power of suggestion. You will find great happiness by using your intuitive sensitivity to the feelings of others in order to help the people around you. They focus on keeping a spiritual balance, and seek purpose and enlightenment. A Balance Chart can be used to visualize this blueprint, allowing us to better see which of the numbers 1 to 9 are more prevalent and dominant within your chart. The rest of the figures with two identical numbers, like 44, 55, and 66, are known as power numbers and have a more immense influence rather than effect, although minimal when compared to that of master numbers. I passed road signs all the way there and back that said North 11 South 11. In, Numerology, there are a total of three Master Numbers in which Number 11 is the first. Energy … This number is going to help you get rid of the feeling of sadness and grief over things you cannot change. You have such a strong sense of the spiritual that you want to share it with others, and believe everyone should and does have the same highly ethical view of spirituality that you have. You can be of great aid to your friends by being an excellent listener and thoughtful problem-solver. 11s are best served when seeking cosmic spiritual balance. Discover if YOU have a Master Number 11 in your chart » Life Path 11 meaning in Numerology. It is also best for an 11 to choose a partner with a stable, sympathetic personality, as a fiery one can exacerbate the anxiety and mood swings that can plague an 11. Series of the numerology study video lessons. Numerology compatibility, characteristics and interpretations of Life Path Number 11 - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. What is Numerology?. Intentionally practice acting without fear, as indecisiveness can be one of the great limitations that 11s place on themselves. The 11 walks the edge between self-destruction and greatness. Master Number 11 is considered the most intuitive of all numbers, and those with the Life Path Number 11 tend to be very sensitive and intuitive, with a deeper understanding of others and a natural sense of what is going on behind the scenes. Some 11s are also drawn to paths of teaching or medicine, as they feel that these paths are the most effective ways to bring happiness into the world, which is something that is very meaningful to 11s. While you do not generally spend much energy on seeking business success, being far more interested in spiritual seeking and work of the mind, a job that can provide you both with stimulating work and the resources to pursue your work of the mind can be invaluable to an 11. Hello from another life path 11 here. Can you feel the power of your Life Path number 11? This makes you ideal for positions in international relations and negotiations. THE INSPIRING POWER OF AN 11 LIFE PATH. Read your Numerology relationship predictions for 2021. The foundational energy of the number 2 also gifts you with a great ability to work well with people. Now that I know my potential, i intend on activating it to the fullest to utilize my purpose in this world. This is a mistake. Numerology Horoscope 2020. And I forgot my Celtic as well as myan, but remember tears forming from reading the odd connect in all of my signs and symbols crossing all lines and different cultures. This number should never be reduced to a single digit as it is a special number. Your empathy makes you an excellent mediator, and you can listen to anyone without judgement, and provide them with good advice about the path to take. I have 2 11s in my chart personality and my life path. Love life path number 11: As far as adoration, individuals with the 11 number like individuals with comparable interests, and their sharp bits of knowledge make them aware of their accomplice’s sentiments consistently. Life Path Number 11, You Were Born a Profound Thinker. Do not deny the importance of seeking to better the world. IF YOUR LIFE PATH NUMBER IS 11, YOU CAN NOT HAVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. i feel special (part of me laughs at this statement, part of me really believe's that I'm special and more intuitve than other people, I feel like I can easily pick up on all the "emotional" signs from people while other people do not focus on this which wonders me sometimes...I always pick up on the vibes in a room while other people don't feel the vibes in particular groups or places. You’re more intuitive, or sensitive, than other people you know. UN forums are peopled with 11s, who do their best to mediate between groups with conflicting priorities while minimizing disharmony in the interactions. I am also an Aquarius, and I’ve found that many people with life path 11 are Aquarius. Additionally, because this Blueprint is based on many different aspects of your Numerology Chart, it is very unlikely to meet a person with the same exact Blueprint as yours. This can help you to expand your mind and continually expose you to new worldviews, which helps strengthen your natural empathy. Their pleasure is your pleasure. This can often be helpful in explaining why some people don’t always relate to a definition of their Life Path Number, or perhaps the meaning behind their Expression and Heart’s Desire Numbers. We were together for 17 years but ended up slitting up this year for what I believe is karmic healing. Imagine if he’d posted it at 11:11, lol!! Bosses seek people who can mend problems rather than creating them, and 11s are ideal for this. Why do you need a Numerological Calculator? For example, they will pick up on people's relationships and health without being told anything, and so they often end up working in the fields where they can use their gifts of intuition, and sensitivity to help others. Im not sure what Im looking for in posting this but I suppose it must be something. Life Path Number 11 has the qualities of the number two magnified. Parents, if your child is an 11 and he or she sees or hears an “invisible” friend, believe it. Your mission is to be an inspirational presence in people’s lives and affect true and lasting change for the collective – specifically how people connect with each other and the world. You’re not overly attached to material success, and so most career paths that are based on material success are fairly unappealing. The work you seek should appeal, instead, to your moral, ethical, and spiritual sensibilities. My Natal Path number is 11, and my Life Path number is 11. The dynamics created by this trinity of 2/1/1 explode with potentialities, some of which many never dared to ponder. Life Path Number 11. Regardless, you make a great friendship or partnership in non-romantic contexts. free service provided by numerologist.com, free service provided by seventhlifepath.com, Your guide to the most meaningful events and noteworthy numerology days of 2020, Get your FREE Personal Year Number Video Report, Repeating Numbers & The Hidden Messages From The Universe. Seeing 11:11 often is a sign of you coming into a high awakening. TrustedPsychicMediums.com is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today. 11 is an excellent number for a spiritual philosopher, because you are willing to gaze into the mysteries of the universe without fear or judgement. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Edgar Allan Poe, and Hans Christian Anderson were all 11s, all questioned and protested in their time, and have created some of the most iconic art in modern Western culture. Your Life Path will mainly reflect the Master Number, but you may also have some of the traits of the secondary reduced number. Life Path number 11 is known to have stronger vibrations. Please like this post if you found it useful or enjoyable. NUMEROLOGY 11 – LIFE PATH NUMBER 11 SHADOWS. My ex is a 7. Since 11 desires a partner who can be emotionally expressive, you can have difficult times forming relationships with 1s, 4s, and 9s. You will never be one to deny the importance of science and knowledge, but you also need to become comfortable with tapping into your deep spirituality. Usually this relation is written as 11/2 or in other words we write the Master Number and then the number it reduces to. The 2020 numerology 11 predictions forecast that you will collaborate with others to work for a common cause and the benefit of both.If you don’t know how to calculate you… Number 11’s meaning of wisdom and inspiration will carry you safely through difficult times, provided you are willing to put your trust in your Life Path Number. To be born with a Life Path Number 11 is a genuine blessing, yet it may take many years before these people are able to understand the power of their gifts. Amazing reading all your posts. Other individuals probably look at you and visit that a dreamer, but in reality, having such high energy flowing through your body can make you quite ungrounded, providing you with a feeling of being, in the actual world. Life Path Number 11, Numerology Meaning. Numerology study guide. Paths that emphasize serenity, like Zen Buddhism or Taoism attract many 11s, but almost any religious path can bring great joy and fulfillment to the life of an 11, provided it is not so dogmatic that it prevents you from looking, with your clear-eyed gaze, for answers. You need to take a break and give yourself an ample time to think things through. This master number has a spiritual vibration which will help in achieving your objectives in life. Due to the strength of my ability and my disbelief in it truly to be possible. This is why on reports you may see it written as 11/2 or 29/2 to indicate the secondary traits. If you have this number you are likely more spiritually aware, a visionary, inspiring, charismatic, inventive, a dreamer, idealistic, and a deep thinker, and you rely on faith rather than logic to deal with the life and all it has to offer. The best thing that an 11 can do in order to find fulfillment is to gather the bravery to act on your visions. It takes time and effort for you to become fully emotionally open with another person, but once you are, that person becomes your rock and your anchor in times of turmoil. They are also the most mystically and spiritually connected. For this reason, 11s also make glorious artists, writers, and musicians. 11 is not a number that seeks relationships quickly, as you are much more interested in the metaphysical than the physical. Life Path Number 11 has the qualities of the number two magnified. This double digit higher vibration adds its own "flavor" to your Life Path Number, but is usually discussed in greater detail ONLY when that number is a Master Number (11, 22, or 33) or a Karmic Debt Number (13, 14, 16, or 19). Im also the rat in Chinese which is the leader of its zodiac. The 2020 numerology horoscope for number 11 predicts psychic development and accomplishment. 2 can give you the understanding and stability that you need, while you can help 2s develop a strong sense of self and willingness to question the world. With a life path 11 (which is a master number), you are here to inspire and lead others in a profound way. In this case, the Number 9 would be the dominant and influential force within your overall Numerology Chart. Careers are not something that Number Elevens generally give a lot of thought to. As a Number 11 person, you are usually successful in any goal you want to achieve, rarely failing in anything, you just keep on moving forward and onwards. This is why relationships that focus on companionship as well as physicality appeal so much to Number 11s. Number 11 - is two "ones", and because of this it has a doubled "number 1" character, but the sum of the digits is 2, which is diametrically opposed, so people with the Life Path Number 11 are sometimes very difficult to understand. Any company will benefit from a few 11s to keep the peace and bring a little moral stability into place. Finally, 2+0 = 2, so this person’s life-path number is 2. Depression is a result of an unrelieved stress, try to find places that bring you peace and harmony. The Life Path Number 11 is the first of the three Master Numbers of numerology (with the other two being 22 and 33).The master numbers have their own special meanings and they can be very auspicious for anyone born under them.. It’s possible to further reduce a master number into their single digit number.

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